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Terminal question

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  • tradexcel12

    This is probably a dumb question, but I have to ask it anyway. How can you easily tell the difference between the Corona terminal and the mac's terminal? I'm not always sure which one I”m in.


    This is not dummy at all (I really need to check twice all the time). It seems to me that Corona Terminal is a subset of the Terminal). What I do from my side is to enable the Open Corona option in the Settings. Doing so, it will open Corona Terminal and consequently Corona Simulator (the drawback here is, if you need to use Terminal later on, you will need to close Corona Terminal first).


    Ah ok – that explains why closing the terminal window didn't close the terminal when I had the simulator running in the background and needed the Mac terminal open. That helps a lot. Thank you Alex. }:>))


    I have a related question.  I have Kwik set to open Corona when I publish. The first time it opens the Terminal and simulator with the app, but the Terminal says [Process completed].  It does not show what is happening with the app.Each time I publish after that a new Terminal opens up, and a new Corona icon on the Dock. I can go to the open Simulator, but still don't get any readout on the Terminal. If I click the new icon on the Dock I can open the app in a new Simulator window and then see the readout in the second Terminal.  After that I can keep going back to the second Simulator Window and second Terminal even though a new Terminal window opens with each publish.Basically, even though this new great feature opens the Terminal and Simulator with the app, if I want to use the Terminal to check for errors etc.,  I have to go back to the old way. Am I missing something in my settings?


    You are missing something Anna 🙂You probably have your OS Settings set to open every program with the last opened document. In what you describe, you have stopped a Corona Terminal window in the past but never closed it. If you simple close that window THEN quit Corona Terminal, next time you start Photoshop it will open the proper programs (Corona Terminal and Corona Simulator).As you have a "wrong" screen in the simulator, you will never see any error messages there because that window is not associated with the simulator.In sum, make sure to close then quit ALL terminal windows you may have opened to avoid them to be opened the next time Kwik starts your environment.


    I'm still missing something, Alex.  I closed everything to be sure I had no Terminal windows open. I even shut down my computer, opened Photoshop, my project and published. What opens then are:1. Console with report log of project2. Console with All messages3. Simulator with the app4. Terminal with StartCorona.command  which has the following:Last login: Mon Sep  2 14:38:48 on consoleAnna-Hiness-MacBook-Pro:~ annahines$ /Users/annahines/Documents/Kwik/startCorona.command ; exit;logout[Process completed]If I publish a second time without closing the Simulator the Corona Terminal opens.  From there I can open a new Simulator and follow the actions in that Terminal.  Is there something in the way I have Corona set up?By the way, those Consoles were not opening before...and I'd rather they didn't. :-


    For some reason I think you have set your Terminal (not Corona Terminal) to start as well. I sent you and email on helping you to understand/fixing that.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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