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    I have created a multi-language project and am almost finished. But this is giving me a headache:There is read-along text on every page which you can click on and off.As the text is too long  I have split it up in 2 paragraphs. First 5 seconds shows paragraph 1 then it swaps to paragraph 2.So far I have used the swap-image tool and it worked fine.But now I have added the second language and it wont work anymore.I have also tried using sprites, turning it into groups and swaping them but it wont work as soon as I set the language.Anyway I can make it work?ThanksAriane


    I am afraid the current implementation of multilingual objects is not compatible with sprites and multiple text handling. In this case, you will need to manually tweak the code to make it work 🙁By the way, any chance you can zip and send your project to support@kwiksher.com? I would take a look and see if it has an easy fix for you.


    Is it still not possible to use text paragraphs with multi-language projects?

    If not, how do I manually tweak the code to make it work?


    If it is not possible to use text paragraphs and text replacements with multi language projects. is there a workaround?

    I have set up a variable called userlang and the value to composer.lang this should give me the language the project is set to. But how do I make this variable drive actions?

    For example, if I have a few languages and I set the condition… if userlang EQUALS de… is it then possible to set an actions to show/hide a layer? I cant get the condition to work.


    Kwik3 is not suitable to deal with multiple text replacements on a page with mutli languages
    I looked into it but making a workaround is not easy via external code or actions. You could edit the codes directly after published.

    Kwik4 publishes each text replacement to each lua file. So multi text replacement with multi language work well.

    I checked it and you may use the following kwik4 beta
    FIX:animation in case of non ultimate config

    for instance, set text replacement to both ‘AAA_En’ and ‘AAA_Sp’.
    create a new lang group to text ‘AAA_EN’ and add ‘AAA_Sp’ to the group.

    lang group A:

    lang group B

    For animation, you can create an animation to AAA_En. You don’t have to create animation for AAA_Sp.
    Do the same for lang group B – second paragraph and you can control the animation A and B as you like.


    Thank you for looking into this Yamamoto. I have finished my app, translated it into 10 languages and used all my text as images. I plan on releasing the app in mid/late November.

    I will try to convert the app to Kwik 4 and see if it works.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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