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  • aaaiii

    Hi all

    Trying to get an already made spritesheet working. I have a layer(drawing) in photoshop. I want to add an animation when someone taps on that layer.
    Example: A go to the next page button that shows a short animation of stars when someone taps on that go to the next page button.
    I have tried different possible solutions but the result allways turns out the wrong way. Either the stars are visible and frozen in the first frame or one can’t see them at all or they’re not showing/playing when button is tapped.

    Could someone please help me out and guide me in the right direction?

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    Try it with these components

    Spritesheet Replacement for Stars Layer
    Action 001
    	goto next page
    Linear animation Stars  visible
        on complete to call Action 001
    Linear Animation Stars invisible
       Play Sprite 
       Play Animation Stars visible
    Timer with 0 second to start immediately
      Play Animation Star invisible
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    Thanks for all your help! Trying my best not to ask too many questions but it’s kind of hard trying to learn all of the functions and commands. 🙂 Bear With me.

    I figured out a way after following your advice.

    -Original layer
    -Duplicate Original layer

    In Kwik4 menu
    -Add function: Spritesheet Replacement, to the duplicated layer
    In the Spritesheet Replacement menu: Add Spritesheet, Pause after: 1 frame

    -Add function: Add Action
    In Add Action option menu: Play sprite

    -Add function: Add Button
    In Add Button menu: Play action: -name of the spritesheet-

    Sprite frame nr 1 allmost invisible and last of the sprite frames is fading out.

    Voila! Worked out great! Thanks for helping me out 🙂

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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