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    As a new Kwik user, I'm never sure whether the mistakes I see in the Corona preview are my own user error or something more.But in general here are some of the problems I've had with my ebook app:* Page turns - I have established page turn buttons as photoshop images. Quite often they fail to work.  I've noticed that if there is a page turn for a page that I haven't built yet, then that page will not appear in the Corona preview.  But when I delete the button and action... then it will show up in Corona.* Start animation on 'wait request' - I haven't had much luck getting this feature to work.  Most often the 'when page starts' works though.* 'Play audio' button -  I've found a few instances where it seems that the play audio button misbehaves.  Even after I have deleted the action and the object, the play audio mp3 still plays when I click that location on the page.  This has persisted even after reloading the .kwk file and restarting Photoshop.* Drag objects -  I've had the experience where adding drag objects to photoshop layers will then make the Corona preview not function properly.  Either the page turns will not work or the play audio button won't work.  Removing the actions seems to help.In general it seems that most photoshop layer objects can only have 1 action assigned to them.  For instance if one tries to have a drag object and a music button both assigned to the same object, they won't work.  It is frustrating trying to figure out which action or object needs changing when things don't work in the Corona preview.  It seems a bit mysterious trying to figure out where the fault is.  Generally the music actions seem the most dependable.  But I've found that simplifying the design of the page elements seems to help and I'm looking forward to the next updates. :0)


    J,Next time you have an issue with your project (like the ones your mentioned), zip it and send it to me (support@kwiksher.com). In most cases the fix is pretty simple, and I will be glad to help you out.Regarding your topics, a few comments (difficult to say what is happening without checking the project):* page turns: the page turn is based on existing pages only. When you use NEXT option, it will create the code automatically (for example if your project has 3 pages and the user click NEXT in page 3, it will stay there).* wait request: this one only works when a button triggers it. otherwise, they will not show up in your code (they will not start alone);* Play audio: let me know the few instances you found. if you delete the action and preview (re-export) your project again, the audio commands will not be in the final code;* drag objects: you can't add a button to a draggable layer (both codes conflict). when you click a draggable layer, it triggers the drag function. If you attach a button to the same layer, a conflict happens, as the code can't define if your click is the start of the dragging or the button trigger. In version v1.5 you will be able to have actions associated to a draggable layer but it will NOT be a button;You can have more than 1 action associated to a layer (for example a layer can be animated and be draggable, or it can be animated and have a button attached to it). What you cannot have (as explained above) is a draggable layer with a button associated.Feel free to send more questions if I have missed something.Alex

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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