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  • tradexcel12

    I had turned off the error checking for image size and found that my buttons were not divisible by 2. These have not been set as shared assets – yet. If page 5 has been corrected for the buttons to be the right size, and I set the page 5 buttons as shared assets, how do I get the buttons on page 1-4 to correctly share the “right” buttons set as shared assets on page 5?Do I merely make page 5 buttons shared and then add the kwk prefix to the other pages?


    It is important to understand the concept of Share Assets in Kwik. let's say you draw a 10×10 white rectangle in page 1 and set it as shared. In page 2 you have a 11×11 red rectangle and in page 3 (the last of your project) you have a 10×10 blue rectangle. When you press publish, Kwik will export the first white rectangle from page 1, naming it kwkSomething.png. In page 2, Kwik will export the red (larger) rectangle as kwkSomething.png (overwriting the first kwkSomething.png file). Lastly, in page 3, Kwik will finally export the blue rectangle as kwkSomething.png. Got it? Shared Assets are defined by the last page exported!In the above scenario, users will see in ALL pages a blue rectangle. So, if you are exporting page 2 with the image size checking, you will receive the alert because, in that page, 11x11 is not divisible by 2. However, because the last export will make the image 10x10, you don't need to worry about it.The best way to implement Shared Assets is to draw them in one page and simply copy the layer(s) into the other PSD files you want them. This way it is guaranteed that all of them will have the same size, info, etc.


    Got it – thanks Alex.


    So it seems that shared assets have to be the same size throughout, correct?I have a plant with eight leaves that move as the cat runs by or hides.  I thought maybe I could "share assets" but on the second page it is 75% of the first page. 


    Yeap. The concept of the shared asset is an image that will be used across several scenes. However, if the image in page 1 is 100×100 and in page 2 is 50×50, the last page exported will always set the final dimension of the shared image.


    Thanks for the clarification.


    You have mentioned that to use shared assets (say, in the same page), you only need to copy the layer you want to share in the PSD file you want it.I made several attempts with no success.An example: I have a wheel which I want to use in the back and front of a car. I have ticked the box "Save as shared asset" and the wheel  the wheel was renamed to kwkwheel. Fine. Then I have copied the kwkwheel layer (kept the same name -kwkwheel) and published it. I got a warning saying that I had duplicated a layer! Could you please tell me how to exactly do that.Thanks in advance.Jorge


    In this case you must set the second layer as Render As (name of the first layer). Check Layer Properties in the User Guide.


    It works. Thanks Alex.Jorge

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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