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    What am I missing? I've followed the scroll for beginers tutorial and my underwater scene (image1 of 3) is going verticle NOT left to right? (Is that even possible for say a climbing game?)Also I was going to have 4 backdrop images not 3 like Alexs demo, is that possible? (the slider goes to -2048)  -  is it possible to reverse scroll direction as fish turns around? cheers. Ed


    Ed, I am afraid I did not understand the request as you mentioned several different tutorials and interactions (animations and scrolling are different objects). can you break your request in different steps?


    Sorry Alex.1- I'm following your scrolling tutorial for beginners. when 2nd image (1024x768) is posititioned offscreen in PS layer - Kwik dosent seem to want to assign "linear" action to that layer?    also when I publish and run animation the graphic/animation flicks to top of screen NOT scrolling right to left?2- is it possible to have as option scroll background top to bottom and vice versa? as in climbing a cliff or building.3- can you change direction of background scroll on player input as "dragged" character object flips left/right?4-  I was going to have 4 1024x768 backdrop images make up the panaroma scroll (not 3 like your demo), is that possible? the "linear animation" end object slider goes from -2048 to 2048


    Assuming you are talking only about this tutorial http://www.kwiksher.com/tutorials-kwik/video-tutorial-background-scrolling-beginner/ (let me know if I am wrong):1 - As you could see in the video, Kwik has no problem animating a layer positioned offscreen. Do you have a video showing what you are doing and the results?2 - yes, instead of using the X position, you will need to work with Y position3 - you will need to do it with external code as this is not an out of the box feature4 - you can do it with 4 images. Again, you will only need to play with the correct X (or Y) calculations


    thanks Alex, I'll try again with tutorial… 1- is the external code you speak of availble as templates from somewhere OR do I need to know/use something like Xcode/Corona....cheers. Ed


    you will need to code (or hire someone to code for you) it in Corona/Lua.


    ok. thanks Alex


    Hey Alex Scroll almost perfect BUT there is slight glitch between frame 4 finish and frame 1 start in scroll sequence. Frame 1 starts at x0 ends x3072 – Frame 4 starts x3072 ends x0.do I need to adjust positition? timing? or something else? Ed

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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