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  • hewittnnhyey

    Hi,I just got myself started with a demo copy. I see good potential. However I have few queries :1) When is the likely release date of Ver 2 ?2) What are the major feature additions ? An indication will help us prepare future projects accordingly.3) Will there be free upgrade to ver 2.0, if one buys 1.9 ?4) All multilingual issues would be solved in ver 2.0 ?RegardsPrabhat MOHANTY


    1) No release date estimates at this moment. My goal is to have it available in the Summer;2) Version 2 is a new product with several of new features (keep your eyes in the blog). Top additions are physics, native ui elements and conditioning (but I could spend few hours talking about other features). Near to launch I will provide more info on compatibility issues. At this moment, it is too early for that as development is in the beginning stage only;3) Price is not defined yet. No free upgrades will be available for this version. Discounts will apply for sure. Fact is, if you have a project for now, there is no reason to wait several months until K2 is released;4) Which specific multilingual issue are you referring? As of today there are a couple of projects made with Kwik using multilingual feature without any known issues.


    Hope V2 is not too soon as I just purchased v1 (today).I would like to see particle integration (particle candy).U.I would be nice.


    FearTec,There are still lots of things to code in K2 and my expectation is to have it ready for public beta testing (at this moment I will announce upgrade strategies) late Summer.At this moment Particle Candy integration is not in the pipe but it is something I am considering (if they are interested) for upcoming updates.Regarding UI, some components will arrive with K2, others will appear later (as an update).Thanks for your questions and suggestions.Alex


    FYI, I had particle candy in my kwik app, and ended up taking it out for now… it was so buggy.  half the time I would just see random particles on pages that had no particles programmed into them.  It also hung up the loading time on pages.I hired a programmer to put it in, so I am pretty sure that it was done right...Particle candy did not ever answer my emails either...Laura


    I am working (not full time at this moment due other priorities) with another particle developer. Also, there is always the expectation that Ansca will add it to Corona's core. I don't think none (the other system or Corona) will come with the first release of K2 as both of them are far to be written and tested.


    Hi Alex,Is there an update on the release date of Kwik2?


    Official announcement next week (or this Sunday night 9pm EST at #storyappchat Twitter conversation)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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