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    i have just update to kwik4
    But I have a problem with publishing, nothing seems to work for me.
    In corona I get the following errors :
    18:01:05.383 WARNING: issue found in C:\Users\marimation.gr\Documents\Kwik\turtle\build4\build.settings:
    18:01:05.383 WARNING: deprecated key: settings.iphone.plist.CFBundleIconFile (string)
    18:01:05.516 ERROR: Runtime error

    Even if I made a new app, with no animations/interaction with just one layer i get the errors :
    18:08:01.370 WARNING: issue found in C:\Users\marimation.gr\Documents\Kwik\xelonakalo\build4\build.settings:
    18:08:01.370 WARNING: deprecated key: settings.iphone.plist.CFBundleIconFile (string)
    18:08:01.847 Application::name: views.page01Scene , currentViewName: nil
    18:08:01.900 WARNING: C:\Users\marimation.gr\Documents\Kwik\xelonakalo\build4\extlib\page_curl.lua:503: Failed to find image ‘assets/images/p1/background.jpg’

    (Also i do not have any layer named background)

    Is there a setting I have not set it right ?
    Thanks in advance


    It is a bug I injected in 1216. Please use this updated version of Kwik

    FIX: page_swipe.lua was a copy of page_swipe_page.curl. Rolled back to page_swipe_original.lua


    Thank you Yamamoto, but now i have an error with rotation animation when publish (not find the file buildanim.jsxbin), which was resolved with 2016_1216 update.

    Thanks again for the great support
    (sorry for the wrong thread, this has to be added to kwik4 thread)


    Here is the fix again,

    FIX: publishing error with animation.

    I was middle of adding a new feature to handle layer group and it caused the bug. Sorry my test was not enough.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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