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  • jack_d

    I’m having an issue with Project Properties button in Kwik4. It doesn’t work when I press it, other buttons work fine. Also when creating new project and enabling Edit project properties upon creation, the window doesn’t show up.

    Someone has posted a fix on this forum to edit project.kwk file, but there was no <iconReady> part. Even when I put it there, it doesn’t work :[
    I tested this on a different pc, uninstalled and installed Kwik, still no luck.

    How can I fix it please?

    I’m using: Kwik 4.1.1, Photoshop CC (19.1.3), Windows7,10


    Can I have your .kwk file of your project and settings.xml in ~/Documents/Kwik? Please email it to support@kwiksher.com. I will check it.

    iconReady is inserted when an icon is set in project properties. If the project properties window fails to open, it can not be set.

    I have tested it Mac and it worked. I can test it Windows10 this weekend, please wait for a while. The code is not different between Mac and Windows about opening project properties, I guess something depends on the environment.

    Do you change the project folder in settings from ~/Documents/Kwik?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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