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Play Audio Per Word

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  • kellinamcelweewja

    Hi all,I'm working on a storybook and I got Audio/Text Sync working perfectly but I couldn't get to play the audio per word. I had a look at the syncSound.lua and on line 51 there is a comment that says: "--REVIEW THIS WHEN ENABLE THE PLAY AUDIO PER WORD --".  I placed the audio files in the build/audio folder but it doesn't seem to work. Anyone knows if is there any other changes I have to make to get that working?Thanks,Marcos Martini


    Marcos,In order to have the work click working, there are more steps than just to add the individual sounds. This is something I am planning to add in future versions (mostly because, until now there is NO app made with Kwik even using the feature as is - so, the work click in the priority list is not in the top).If you are brave enough and try to do it by yourself, here goes a few tips (I cannot support that at this moment though as this is NOT a current Kwik feature):- you will need to edit the sentence string (see example below), adding the parameters dur (duration of your sound file with the word):local sentence1 = { {start=0, out=404, dur=515, name="Raymond"}, {start=404, out=545, dur=308, name="and"}, {start=584, out=880, dur=414, name="Iggy"}, {start=880, out=1225, dur=459, name="soon"}, {start=1225, out=1862, dur=683, name="discovered", newline=true}, {start=1933, out=2148, dur=308, name="they"}, {start=2148, out=2704, dur=653, name="enjoyed"}, {start=2723, out=3010, dur=480, name="being"}, {start=3010, out=3551, dur=533, name="together."},}- your sound files need to have the same name of the word (parameter "name");- you will need to edit the syncSound.lua and replace the reference to ".cab" audio format to the format used in your sound files (if they are mp3, you need to replace .cab by .mp3);- you will need to edit the variable dir in the syncSound module with the correct reference for the audio file;Alex

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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