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Photoshop CS6 and Kwik

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  • catonpub1

    I am very interested in purchasing Kwik and would like to know if the latest version will still run on Photoshop CS6 for windows?


    Yes, Kwik runs on CS6. If you sign up the site, you can download kwik. Without a paid license, you can use kwik to create up to 6 pages.


    Can I use Kwik with a stand alone version of Photoshop CS6? I have tried to install it with Adobe Extension Manager but Extension Manager will not recognize my photoshop CS6. Is it because it a stand alone version or something I am doing wrong? Thanks


    Are you using Extension Manger for CS6?


    Thank you for your comment.

    That is the problem. I purchased a copy of Photoshop CS6 on eBay – BIG MISTAKE. When I downloaded Extension Manager it would not recognize the Photoshop CS6 I purchased so I could not install Kwik. After contacting Adobe, posting on their forum and trying to contact the seller, I was told by the seller that Extension Manager would not recognize Photoshop because it was a “Stand Alone” version. When I told Adobe and the forums this they said they never heard of that reasoning. The conclusion was that the Photoshop CS6 I purchased (even though the seller stated it had a new, unused serial number) was not valid and that is why Extension Manager would not recognize it. Thankfully the seller said he accepted returns and I was able to get my money back. Now I need to decide what to do.

    This is not my profession. I am retired and wrote several children’s books. I was able to animate them for the iPad in the iBook Store but I also wanted to put them on the android tablets. When I contacted Corona they suggested Kwik and I loved what I saw on your videos.

    I have a older version of Photoshop but Kwik will not work on it. Spending $699 for Photoshop CS6 from Adobe plus another $250 for Kwik is a big expense for me. I am looking into the Cloud but again spending $X amount a month when I may not use it every month is something I need to consider. This is why I thought purchasing a copy on eBay was a good idea but as it turned out the moral of the story is NEVER buy software on eBay.

    Sorry for the long essay. Thank you again for your answer and for letting me vent a little.


    If you login Kwiksher site, you can download Kwik and you can create up to 6 pages without license.

    I am not sure it works without extension manager but you can try this.
    – rename kwik.zxp to kwik.zip
    – unzip it
    – copy paste it to Applications/Photoshop CS6/Plug-ins/Panels

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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