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  • xisulyhonaq

    Not sure if this is me using the External code interaction wrong or even if it's a Kwik “Next” bug, but that what I'm using so I'm putting it here.When I add code into the 'white' space of the interaction, not by an external txt file. Then click 'create' the dialogue closes, then I double click to open it again and the code is gone?? What the?Or am I do something wrong?


    Did you set Flash as instructed when you start Kwik for the first time? This seem to be the reason. Just go to Settings, enable Show welcome screen and restart Photoshop.


    Yeah I hadn't enabled the Welcome screen ( I think this was set for Kwik2)Anyway, I'm feeling like a real dumby.... and it's not fair because I just figured out how to do the thing with variables that I've been trying to do for a month.I copy /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS6/Plug-ins/Panels/Kwik/ go to my browser (Chrome gives me the directory list in the browser and Safari takes me to it in Finder)Now where the heck do I find 'select Edit locations... then Add location... ???It's not a folder and it's not in a menu option of Finder or Chrome?Forgive me if this is really obvious for everyone else but it's almost midnight, I've spend the day with my 2yr old and my head if fried from figuring out variables 🙂


    Go to http://www.kwiksher.com/learn-kwik/ and check the docs 🙂


    Wow, that should have been the first place I looked. Thanks for being so patient Alex.I did notice that Flash page come up in Safari but didn't realise Kwik had opened it (I have so many browser windows open at one time).Thanks, all sorted now.


    You mentioned Chrome and Safari – be SURE you use Safari to set your Flash. I used Chrome once and it doesn't work – it seems to, but if you go back later it hasn't held the info you entered. Spent three days thinking I was adding the code wrong somehow and it was really the Chrome Flash issue.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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