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    I have been working on a page for the last day now with the same problem reoccurring every time. The problem is when I add a sprite sheet from layer then publish my page the process of publishing holts at the layer in mention then for some unknown reason Kwik deletes the contents of the sprite sheet. I use the latest texture packer version, photoshop CC 64 bit, Kwik 2.7.6a. This is very frustrating as I have had to rebuild the sprite map several times and now I give up. It freezes photoshop or nothing shows on the simulator. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just to make sure I had also removed the olf photoshop preferences just in case a conflict came from there. Still no luck.;) P.s. now kwik plugin is shown blank no options available...


    Kwik showing blank means the kwk is corrupted. You will need to close Photoshop and check if there is content in the kwk file (and/or use one of Backups to restore it).Based only on what you describe, it seems you have an issue with your sprite sheet name (probably a wrong, non-western letter/character).Check also if the sprite sheet file is not empty before publishing. If nothing fixes it, zip your project folder and send it to support@kwiksher.com with instructions on how to reproduce the issue.


    Thanks Alex for your reply. I have reinstalled the kwik plugin so will see if that helps. Regarding the sprite sheets The file is named “BirdSPRITES.png” Does having them with caps affect the process? If not then I am using as you can see the correct characters. About the sprite sheets being empty I have attached two screen shots showing a copy of the sprite sheet along side the one that was used with kwik. The copy as you will see has the data and file size of 27.3 KB whereas the file used in kwik shows 0KB. I will attach the file and send it to you for a check. What is the max size your mail client will accept?z9i8.pngryp0.png


    The 0kb file is the issue (it's empty). Make sure a valid file is available before publishing, otherwise the process may hang trying to read info from an empty file.Regarding email size, always use Dropbox or sendit services. No mailbox can handle a full Kwik project folder 🙂


    That is the problem with it. The sprite sheet isn't empty until I press publish in kwik, then the sprite sheet gets emptied by the process somehow. I will upload it to you. I cannot get it passed this point for some reason.


    The issue is pretty clear. You are pointing to a sprite sheet that resides in the /build folder (~/Documents/Kwik/English_Words/build/sprites/BirdSPRITES.png). The problem is, the image is read and tried to be copied above itself. Wrong!!!! 🙂Always save your sprite sheets (and other external files like audio and videos) in the project folder (this way the will be copied fine into the build folder), NEVER add them in the build folder (which is constantly being updated on each export).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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