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  • pjrich

    I've looked here and the Ansca forum to no avail.  I'm building a test project for the new iPad (New Universal) before I jump into full blown new project.  I am up to date on with Corona, Kwik, and Xcode 4.3.2.  When I test in Xcode with the iPad retina display option, my project is really blown up or magnified. Have I done something wrong or is it a problem with Corona or possibly the Xcode simulator. I don't have a “New” iPad to test on. It works fine on the iPad 2. Here is the project file        New ipad portrait test      Book      New iPad      iOS      1536      2048      Portrait      264                  1        page1        ~/Documents/Kwik/New ipad portrait test/page1.psd        page1.psd       


    What do you mean by “project blown up or magnified” while checking in the XCode? Projects for the New iPad have pages created in 2048×1536 (that's why they are really big). At this moment Corona does not have a simulator for the new iPad.


    It's probably easier to take a screen shot than try to explain it.  I'll do so later when I get home. I know Corona does not have the iPad retina simulator.  I'm using the Xcode simulator after Corona builds the app.


    Here is a screen shot that compares the iOS simulator on the left with how the app should look on the right. As you can see, the iOS simulator only shows a small part of the main screen because it has blown the image up quite a bit.  Any thoughts as to why?


    Is pretty weird. Can you please share your config.lua contents?


    Here's the config.lua file.  ;D


    can you send me your project (i will test it in my new iPad)? the config.lua is correct so, i don't know if this is an issue with the xcode only or not.


    I'll send it out tomorrow from campus. The university's upload speed is very fast and it's a 10 meg file.


    Having the exact same issue. App was just rejected. It zooms 200%.


    Just checked another customer project (he shared his work thru testflight.com) and it is working fine. please don't forget to build it using xcode 4.3 and corona latest build.


    Had the same issue… It is an error with the Corona SDK. To fix, simply download a daily Corona Build. Specifically:- Log-in to the Corona site.- Find the link that says "Daily Builds". Click on it...- Download and install a new daily build. I used build 704b... you can find it between 768 and 769. It doesn't say 704B, just 704.- Rebuild your app using this version of Corona.- Re-test in the XCode simulator or on the iPad device itself.This fixed it for me!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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