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  • pascal89

    Like many of you, I am making children's storybook/game apps, and I have found that having a free/lite version of an app, with a link to the paid version (avoiding IAP because of size Issues) has caused one of my apps to go from $50 a month to $300+ a month. I am thinking of another way, that I am not entirely certain how to implement, and would love suggestions on. I am going to create a coloring book version of my app, that can be unlocked if they share the app via facebook, twitter, or email. So there would be a little message on the home screen that says, Unlock the free Coloring book, by sharing this app with friends or family. When they click it, it takes them to facebook/twitter/email etc... and after they have completed the coloring book is unlocked. My thinking is, that the best way to market the app, is to get those using it to market it to there friends in the same demographic. I would love suggestions or comments on how to proceed.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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