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Limits on memory

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  • tradexcel12

    Forgive me if this is answered elsewhere, I searched the forums and tutorials and didn't come up with an answer. What would the suggested limit be on what we can load into memory? Any rough guidelines? Is there any place that gives suggestions on how much we can safely load into device memory? Or is there a  utility that would show us how much we are using when we run a page through the simulator? As an example - I have a page with 11 interactions, all with a corresponding sound file (very small files - 10K or under) and a read to me file. I'd like to load those sound files into memory as short files, but have no clue what sort of device handling issues on page load I might encounter. 


    There is a library called Corona Profiler (more here: http://www.mydevelopersgames.com/site/) that helps with that. However, if you are not a developer, it will not help very much. Fact is, Kwik tries to do the best job for you (disposing everything when your page turns).


    You can profile texture memory and ram for free. Check out this post:http://kwikplugin.com/forums/index.php/topic,946.0.htmlAs for memory limits for pages, there are mixed suggestions. I saw a good guide see if I can find that article..


    Thanks guys – so even shared assets aren't held in memory on a page turn? Kewl!


    Yeah, here's a good article from someone about memory issues:http://developer.coronalabs.com/forum/2013/01/09/tips-tricks-learned-while-developing-shaqdownSome interesting points:1. Texture memory is not the only story. Audio is loaded into memory uncompressed too!. A 2 minute track will be around 20 megabytes. Roughly 170kilobytes memory usage per second of audio loaded. I don't know for sure how streaming audio works, but I suspect that at some point the entire streamed audio file is loaded into memory.2. Memory limits seem to be as follows for each device type. Remember this includes uncompressed audio and textures, and is a very rough estimate:iPad1: 90MB (But resolution same as iPad2!!)iPad2: 160MBiPad3: 280MB3GS: 70MBiPod Touch 3rd gen: 90MB (But resolution same as iPhone4!!)iPhone4: 160MBiPhone4S: 160MBiPhone5: ?iPod Touch 4th Gen: ?Old Android Device (Droid Incredible): 70MB.Newer Android Device: (Samsung Galaxy S3): 160MB+


    Audio is loaded into memory uncompressed too!.

    Not sure I understand this correctly. If I load an MP3 that's 5 seconds long and say 10Kb in size, how can it balloon to 170Kb per second? Is he saying the device uncompresses that sound file??? If so - OUCH!  😮

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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