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    Hi Gang,Leeno Tales Book 1 - Finding Gizmo is live! *cheer*  ;Dhttps://play.google.com/store/search?q=pub:StoryTale%20AppsIt's been an interesting journey so far; lots of hoops and learning curves!  ::)We're going to try and get the iOS build done this week as well.  Many thanks to Alex, Karen and anyone else who has offered assistance!We'll keep you posted on our progress, and any marketing we manage to do.Currently trying to get a website up and running for the App.If you do get Book 1 and give it a try, please let us know how well it runs, and what device you are using.  I was quite limited with the devices I had access to for testing. Any feedback or constructive criticism is more than welcome.  It's our first endeavor, but my wife and I have tried our best to make a nice clean professional product.Cheers, R.  😉


    Seems pretty cool! Looking forward to see it in the Showcase! Congrats!


    Ola Alex,Thanks mate; and thank you for making a bit of software that opened up all these possibilities for us! *deep bow*If this ever takes off, we're adding you to our list of people we want to visit, regardless of where you are!  ;DI hopping from one leg to the other waiting for this silly DUNS number to come through so I can start building iOS version to post up.  ::)Keep you posted! Cheers, R.  😉


    Hey Guys,While I'm waiting for our DUNS number for the the Apple App Store, I'm having a crack at getting Leeno Tales up on Amazon Appstore.  ::)Question: Besides changing the "Target App Store" in Corona build options, does everything else between Generic Android build and Kindle build stay the same?I've already rebuild .apk for Amazon and uploaded to their test site, and it came back problem free.Just thought I would check with the community! 🙂Cheers, R.


    Finally!  ::)The restrictions that Apple has placed on account creation, required DUNS numbers and having the right information synced with D&B for those DUNS numbers really dragged out a bit too long.  😮 Anyways, we seem to be making headway and emails are coming through, so something must be happening.Hopefully we can have an iOS version up and testing in the next couple of days.Cheers, R. 🙂


    Most of the Android stores approved our app in a few hours.It's been over a day with Apple so far, and nothing.Normal?  :-R. 


    Average is a week or two…


    Ouch…..  😮Well I guess I'll stay focused on the next project!  🙂With regards to marketing to date:- I've had a handful of paid downloads, haven't done any announcements yet. We are waiting for iOS version to go live.- Getting a lot more downloads of the "Lite" free version of the book on one of the Android App Store, which is a sampler, basically one third of the story.Not sure if it is the right thing to do, but I figure it will give us a better idea how many people become interested enough to purchase the whole story.Keep you posted,Cheers, R.  🙂


    Reza, if I can respectfully interject a point here, your sales may not be what you want to see if your only marketing is within the app stores. I've found for both myself and my clients that you have to go outside of iTunes or Play or Amazon to boost those sales numbers. Facebook, good rankings for your website, mailing lists, YouTube, even giving copies to brick and mortar schools, day care facilities (if applicable) and libraries can really help your bottom line.Use your "free download" tokens wisely. Give them to the movers and shakers in your target market. Do a private YouTube video for friends and family - don't waste a free download code on them. Save that for the progressive educator in charge of his or her reading department app program.Do a press release or two and try to get on your local news. In short, don't let your marketing start and end with the app stores. You might hit it big time, but since most of the feature listings in the app stores depend on download numbers, you'll probably be disappointed in your results, simply because there are so many apps being submitted that yours may get lost in the shuffle.


    Amem to that Karen. I would suggest this posting also: http://www.kwiksher.com/how-to/now-you-have-an-app-so-whats-next/


    Hi Karen,Thank you so much for the feedback!  You're always a wealth of knowledge and kindness! 🙂We really haven't started any marketing campaign per say.  I was waiting for Apple to get the app up before we made any announcements on FB or other social networks.  This is all just us dipping our toes in the water, to get a feel for what the process is like, and what to expect when the next couple of apps come out.I made a Lite version of our book, which gives away the first 10 pages, after I saw the app was up on GP and Amazon for a couple of days, but got no real visits (just friends testing).I figured it would be a good way to see what the difference between have an app with a price tag and one without would be!  ::)Anyways, after a couple more days of no movement on those two app stores, I thought perhaps I should reach out to alternative stores.We posted the Full and Lite version to a 3rd Android store, and although the full version hasn't moved, the Lite version has had lots of hits.But I found it VERY strange that even with 800+ hits on the Lite version, the full version has had no shift at all.  I shot an email off to their support, to see if the numbers are correct (still waiting).  I can't imaging so many people would be watching the first 10 scenes of the story and not be interested in the rest of it (It's a cute story *chuckle*).  So I'm not sure whats going on there....Meanwhile, I'm looking through Alex's link and guide (tip of the hat to Maestro Alex), and drawing up a plan of what to do when Apple versions go live.  Probably start with an announcement on FB to all our friends, ask them to spread the word, and do some flyers around the suburbs.  Not sure we want to pay for reviews.  Let's see what else we can do...If nothing more, it has definitely given us a motivational boost, even if the downloads are of the Lite version.  ;DKeep you posted,Cheers, R.


    Reza, I can't speak from experience to free vs paid versions in the book market, but I work with clients in the game sector. The two markets are radically different, BUT it is not unusual in gaming to see 10,000 downloads of the free for every one download of a paid version. Which is why most games are using the “Freemium” business model. Free to download, but with stuff to buy in game.It's also not unusual for the sales of paid versions from Apple to far surpass Android sales, at least when first released. It's also not unusual for the first book to not do super well until there are two or three more books under your publisher name. I'm speculating here, but I think it's a trust thing. For example - Flappy Birds - an incredible hit that came to a small one man indie almost overnight - is going off the market tomorrow. The developer says he can't handle it. Not sure what "it" is, change in lifestyle, instant fame, whatever. Anyway, my point is, people often like to see more than one title before investing even $2.99 on an unknown indie. They want to know that you'll be around tomorrow and not pull a Flappy Birds disappearing act.The cool thing is, your first book is done. It's out there. It will continue to get sales. If you're not going to be a one trick pony, you'll have more books out there. And people will buy the first one after they've read the fifth one. You're building an empire, one app at a time. Think about J.K. Rowling. She wrote at her kitchen table and was turned down multiple times before finding a publisher. Then it took time, even with the power of the publisher behind her, before her first book was "discovered". Her sales of book 1 went through the roof after people picked up book two or three. WE don't need a publisher. All we need is some marketing savvy, a good story and the elements in Kwik to bring that story to life.


    Hi Guys,Well, we had a go at making a YouTube video for Finding Gizmo; hopefully a step in the right marketing direction.  ::)Here is a link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCTtNzwd8KMAny thoughts and ideas would be most welcome.  ;DCheers, R.


    Cute, good length. Might want to change the end text from “available at all good app stores” to something like “available for both android and iOS” “or “available in an app store near you” or something like that. That “good” remark actually sets a negative tone. It can be a subtle insult to the buyer. “I buy my books at Amazon, this isn't on Amazon, therefore the author thinks I'm not good enough to buy the book”. It's all in perception.


    Hi Karen,That thought did cross my mind.... and then I thought "Geez you're overthinking it"...  ::)But if it's the first thing that popped into your mind as well... worth changing before it gets too many hits.Many Thanks,R.  🙂

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