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  • Yamamoto

    FIX:lua template files
    FIX:compress PNG
    FIX:button page


    FIX:multi sync
    FIX:button over

    Samples/Multi_Lingual_Sample is added. page01 > variable > name changed from composer.lang to _K.lang

    FIX:tmplt action recording
    FIX:tmplt page_ext_lib
    FIX:tmplt layerAction showHide and actionX:showHide
    FIX:tmplt count down

    Updated:recording sample
    Updated: overlay with custom files
    Updated: recording sample advanced with custom files
    FIX:didHide removeEventListener error



    How to use custom file to for overlaying UI components on other pages

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 10 months ago by Yamamoto.
    • This reply was modified 3 years, 10 months ago by Yamamoto.

    Hi Yamamoto,
    I have just finished my app and would like to release it in the next 2 weeks. I would love to have the page curl in it. So I am wondering if I should wait for Kwik 4. It’s a 10 page book app.

    Are there many features in Kwik 3 that are not compatible with kwik 4? You mentioned…

    “Play Random is not compatible to Kwik3. Please Re-create play random action”

    Would it be helpful for you to test my app on Kwik 4 while you are in Beta mode?


    Except play random, kwik3 features are compatible with Kwik4.
    If you use external codes, the codes are most likely to be ported for Kwik4.

    You may publish your app with Kwik4, open your .kwk and press the button – project properties > update template. Please send me .kwk and build4 folder when the errors happen.

    tmplt/components/pageXXX/page_swipe_curl.lua has some debug code such as showing the rectangle area where user can drag. To enable page swipe, you need to rename all of your background layer as ‘background’ and rename page_swipe_curl.lua to page_swipe.lua in tmplt folder.

    while you are attempting kwik4 with your project, I will continue testing and fixing the bugs.


    Thank you,
    where do I send the .kwk and build4 folder?


    Hi Yamamoto,

    Here are a few things I noticed when testing Kwik 4 beta.

    1. I installed Kwik4 beta with ZXPInstaller and ran it on Photoshop CC 2015.5 (latest build). It opens up perfectly. But, if I close Photoshop and open it again, I get an error in Photoshop…

    ‘The kwik 4 beta extension could not be loaded because it was not properly signed.’

    If I reinstall Kwik4.zip with ZXPInstaller, it works again. But if i close Photoshop, the errors pops up again.

    2. If I try to publish my project without ‘Export images’ the pop up box in the GUI is just greay with a status bar, it doesn’t list the layer it is processing.

    3. In the Actions Window, when I have a list of actions and I want to reorder them, for example, move the bottom action in the list up to the top. I have to select the action and press the arrow key each time I move one action above another. Rather than just selecting the action once then hitting the arrow key a number of times.

    4. In the main Kwik panel the default state seems to be the Pages view. If I select Actions/Audio/Button/Canvas/etc and then edit an action, the panel pops back to the Pages view.

    5. I created a tmplt folder, then took my latest kwik3 project into Kwik 4… opened the .kwk and press the button – project properties > update template. I tried to publish the project, it ran through 5 pages (out of 11) and then stopped on a layer in page 6 and stalled. In Kwik 3 I adjusted the ‘Scale W:’ in the Layer properties window to 250%, when I look at it in Kwik 4, it is set to 100%. This is the later that the project stops publishing on. When I look in the assets folder, (in Build4) there are only images for page 1, even though it rant through the first 5 pages.


    I’m having the same issue with the error message ‘The kwik 4 beta extension could not be loaded because it was not properly signed.’I also reinstalled and it works until I close Photoshop.


    I opened my Kwik3 project (after I reloaded Kwik4 for the 5th time) and published the project for Kwik4 with export images selected and my project shows up with only a black screen. I’ve gone through and renamed all my background layers to “background” and I’ve viewed the project on different platforms both iOS and android but it still shows up black.


    For signing issue,

    please check the photoshop preference, plugin generator and allow internet connection.

    photoshop preference

    if not work, open Terminal app and copy and paste the following line and hit Enter. Then restart Photoshop.

    For CC2015.5
       defaults write com.adobe.CSXS.7 PlayerDebugMode 1
        reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\CSXS.7" /v PlayerDebugMode /t REG_SZ /d "1" /f
    For CC2014, CC2015
       defaults write com.adobe.CSXS.6 PlayerDebugMode 1
        reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\CSXS.6" /v PlayerDebugMode /t REG_SZ /d "1" /f

    In order to use Kwik3 project, goto Project Properites > Update template button. It will setup kwik4 template files to your kwik3 project folder/


    To Gareth,

    >where do I send the .kwk and build4 folder?

    Please send it to support@kwiksher.com via mail


    A lot of issues are fixed. Getting close to final version for official public release.

    Thank you, Gareth, your project helped me a lot to fix the following bugs!

    FIX:create thumbnail pages
    Modify: tmplt groupX, hideX, timerX, varX
    Modify:page_ext mid to all_istener
    FIX:action tname for timer name
    FIX:timer *1000
    FIX:repositioning mutliple times

    FIX:vector replacement fix. it was diplayed on top
    FIX: animation onEnd if not restart fails to call onComplete
    FIX: animation random end position
    FIX: animation rotation
    FIX: animation play toBeginning
    FIX: multiplier timer when page hiding
    FIX: load physicEditor Data
    FIX: action resumeTimer
    FIX: action edit var
    FIX: physics collision event

    FIX: buttton over
    FIX: publish only a page was reseting context lua
    FIX: condition var global or local
    FIX: gtween with flip xScale/yScale
    FIX: physics stop for disposing page
    FIX: multiplier dispose
    New: publish dialog
    FIX: button on group
    FIX: audio dispose

    Kwik4: YOUR_VARIABLE are referenced as _K.YOUR_VARIABLE or UI.YOUR_VARIABLE. _K. is for global and UI. for local variable. For value field, input UI.YOUR_VARIABLE +1 if you increment YOUR_VARIABLE

    KWik4: Group order is reversed.


    Just trying out the latest Kwik 4 beta in PS 2015.5 and the same strange behaviour I reported in my other thread about the cursor becoming ‘stuck’ inside the Add Button window in happening still.

    Scrolling with the trackpad seems to cause the problem and then your stuck inside the window, unable to press anything – although the cursor is still visible.

    Also inside the Add Button window all the labels / buttons are all ‘undefined’

    Not sure if that is related?


    Hi Yamamoto,
    Great that you are getting closer to a Kwik4 official release. There are a few things I noticed in my project in Kwik4… I have emailed you a list of examples to view in the project. It seems the main issues are….

    1. Layering/groups order is not the same as Kwik 3
    2. The Play Random action, has the ‘play random’ check box active by default, so actions play randomly and not in order. In Kwik 3, they play in order by default.
    3. Animation pivot points do not seem to be the same as Kwik 3. So the old animations pivot from a different point.
    4. The delay parameter in Linear Animation does not seem to be working.



    Am I the only one that had all their dialog boxes look like this?

    What could be causing it?

    PS 2015.5 on MacOS Sierra 10.12.1


    Hi Gareth

    Which version of Photoshop are you running Kwik 4 on?

    As I’m having a lot of troubles getting the basics going.


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