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  • Yamamoto

    Apr 9 – Sep 2, 2019

    New: Welcome screen has option to enable UI in Japanese. Localization is still in beta though.
    New: audioPlay with onComplete action
    NEW: button has mask option. MAC only. You need GraphicsMagic
    NEW: sprite sheet replacement support Adobe Animate. The data format is JSON Array
    New: PNG sequence is played in Video replacement
    New: Camera Frame Pan & Zoom

    Camera Frame – Zoom Pan

    Character Animator – PNG sequence

    Sprite sheet from Adobe Animate

    Experiment : tmplt layer_video with singleton

    Change: Mac Kwik_install.app is in a dmg file
    Change: tmplt layer_drag.lua is refactored with hitTest()
    Change: Settngs > Publish > export icons. No longer outputs samples icons. Now if enabled, re-publish icons and launch images. Doc is updated too
    Change: Interaction window (button & action) keeps the window size of last time opened

    FIX: sprite sheet replacement, the scale is fit to the size of layer
    FIX: sprite sheet replacement, the size did not match with the associated layer
    FIX: physics body, the radius of circle was by 4 times bigger in Ultimate config
    FIX: double click with stylus pen to open a project or to select a page. Or select and Enter key to open it.
    FIX: shortcut key to switch page view and component view. Press P for page view, C for component view
    FIX: Windows, Corona simulator path is updated by Corona Labs without ‘SDK’.
    it is now C:\Program Files (x86)\Corona Labs\Corona\
    FIX: Kwik4_installer_win.bat to report the path error if not find it.
    FIX: double click for stylus
    FIX: a bug in Settngs > Publish > export icons.
    FIX: 0612 stylus update injected a bug that fails to select a page in page view.
    FIX: MAC install kwik command
    FIX: MAC LaunchScreen png was not published to the root of build4 folder
    FIX: MAC did not start corona simulator if the project folder is under /Volumes
    FIX: up/down in action and button panel
    FIX: button with press on a shared layer
    FIX: A new timer with Create time in action or button did not show up in the timer list of pause or cancel
    FIX: Path Animation scale was incorrect
    FIX: Win mask.bat
    FIX: blend mode in button
    FIX: MAC installer to mask.command permission
    FIX: mask.command. If the project folder is in an external disk – /Volumes
    FIX: background layer was cropped if the size was bigger than the canvas size (a bug of photoshop 2019 ?)

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    • This topic was modified 1 year ago by Yamamoto.
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