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  • alexandres


    Depending on what you need I can create a particle sample for you in Kaboom. Let me know and I will check that. I am pretty confident (although haven’t tested yet) that the new Corona version is compatible with Kaboom as the Pro version replaced the previous Starter one.


    Hi Alex,
    Bom vê-lo de novo e obrigado.
    I may have not made myself clear, I guess.
    What I meant with samples was images (.png) of fire, candle light, liquid, stars, etc.. which one can use for creating the particles. Particles Candy has it, as you may know.
    I tend to believe that Kaboom has also the same type of images since there are various icons in the plug in that suggest that.
    I am used to create particles in After Effects so I think I will not face too many problems with Kaboom, but would like to know if it has the above mentioned images. It would speed up the learning process.
    PS: how can I put my photo in the forum as you have yours (or this is only for very special persons?!)?


    Jorge, um prazer falar contigo outra vez.

    Differently than Particle Candy, Kaboom (and other particle designers) works with 2 files (an image and a json file which has the parameters for the particle). The image alone (any png) will not produce any effect. In fact, many effects (fire, rain, smoke, etc) could be made using the same sample image (for example, the small dot provided with Kaboom). Unfortunately I cannot upload attachments here to show what I am talking about (check the Kaboom documentation for more info).

    Kwik has a special place in my heart but I have to say the product I enjoyed the most to write was Kaboom 🙂

    Regarding your image in postings, this is something that Gravatar controls. Follow this link to learn how to do that: http://codex.wordpress.org/How_to_Use_Gravatars_in_WordPress


    Thanks Alex

    In understand that a .png alone does not produce any effect. My understanding is that a Particle Generator is a very special way of animating images, including its replication.

    I also understand that we can do a lot of different animated particles/effects with a mere dot.From what you said Kaboom provides a .png dot. For instance in one of the tutorials concerning Multipliers you have used a line for rain.

    My question are then:
    -are there more .png files shipped with Kaboom or is the dot the only one
    -can one add more .png files (image samples), lines, glowing dots, stars, etc.
    -is there any place where one could download free images for this purpose

    I appreciate your “carinho” for Kaboom, which is very assuring. I myself has always looked at it with enthusiasm and now that we have access to Corona Pro I want to give Kaboom a try. However, since I already have Particles Candy, though not yet fully explored, I just would like to set my expectations on the right place.

    Um abraço.

    PS: if you have anything which I could benefit is using Kaboom, please let me know. You may have my email or I can provide it to you.


    Kaboom just brings the dot image but I really like your idea to offer more images with the product. Unfortunately, this is something I can’t help anymore 🙂 The suggestion stays for Yamamoto.

    For demo purpose only, you can simply search images on the web. If you decide to use them in real projects, having a royalty free image is your best bet.

    Regarding the benefit of using Kaboom over PC is that Kaboom (or any other Particle Designer) files process natively in Corona, while the PC files are not natively (will require more memory to load and processing time). Also, you need to “code” the animation in PC, while in Kaboom you do it in a wysiwyg model.


    Thanks Alex.
    This was very helpful indeed.
    I can create my own images, that’s not a big problem.
    The other comments are very encouraging.
    I am going to buy Kaboom and give it a try. I am also having difficulties in starting with PC, maybe because I do not patience, not have the time or simply because I not clever enough!
    Wysiwyg is good!
    Thanks for the avatar info, as well.
    Obrigado e um abraço.


    I have installed Kaboom but unfortunately I can not do anything with it.
    What happens:
    -I have created a rectangle (solid, 100% opacity)
    -assigned a particle replacement to it with Kaboom – did not change any of the default parameters
    -tried Preview but nothing was shown – a menu appeared so quickly that I could not read anything
    -I then pressed Created and Published the project
    -I then got an Attention menu with the following:

    “Your project was published but the following issues will crash its execution:
    File /d/KWIK/Mystery/build/kaboom_683.json was copied empty. Please review the path in Kwik and/or manually copy and paste the original file in the build folder!
    File /d/KWIK/Mystery/build/kaboom_683.png was copied empty. Please review the path in Kwik and/or manually copy and paste the original file in the build folder!”

    -These files are in the root directory of the project (where the Build file is) and in the Build folder itself – there are two .png files (one with the dot) and another with no data and called kaboom_683.png

    -When I open the project in the Corona Simulator, it crashes!!

    -I have also noticed that when I Publish the project it automatically creates a “lib_particle_candy.lua” and a “particleDesigner.lua”, which keeps appearing after I have re-loaded all the project files (images, lua files, etc.) and I am sure that there is no external code asking for Particles Candy. I have Particles Candy and have, in fact used it in the project. I do not know how to get rid of it and have the suspicion that it might be conflicting with Kaboom!

    Any hints please.

    • This reply was modified 4 years, 11 months ago by  Jorge.

    I just came to a point that Kaboom maybe useful to my project to create some particle effect, but before I make any purchase I’d like to see if anyone has successful used it with the Corona Starter?

    Jorge, did you get it to work finally?
    Or end up using other solution like Particles Candy?

    Thanks a lot!


    Hi Peakman,

    Yes, I have been working with Kaboom. I basically do everything I wish and is very simple as soon as you get used to it. I use many of my own .png files to achieve some effects. It is pretty cool and I do not see any difference between Kaboom and Particle Design (Mac) in terms of functionality.
    Kaboom goes very well with Kwik. There are, however, a few specific tricks which you will learn “kwikly” (e.g. do use the suggested names – you actually do not need to create your own names which, in my experience, causes a bit of trouble; when you use your own textures, you may need to link Kaboom to your .png files more than once, since it sometimes goes back to the default one).

    Sorry for the delay in replying but I was out. Good luck.


    Thanks a lot for your quick reply, Jorge!

    May I also asked if you’re using the Corona Starter only with Kaboom, or upgraded to enterprise or Corona Card to make them work?

    Thanks again and I really appreciate your help!


    Kaboom works with the current Corona SDK that is now free to use graphics 2.0

    I have included sample particles files. You find it in the tutorial

    This zip contains the same json/image files which can be imported to Kaboom
    Please download and use it



    I’m going to purchase Kaboom and give it a try!

    Thanks again, Jorge and Yamamoto!


    Installed and playing with the Kaboom setting, and after a few test I started to get this warning message from my Corona Simulator (I am using the latest 2646 build):

    Corona SDK Warning

    Your project uses a premium graphics feature
    (display.newEmitter()) available only to Pro (or higher)
    subscribers. You can view this in the Simulator as a demo,
    but you must upgrade to use it on a device.

    Then I have the choice to either “Upgrade” or “Continue with Demo”.

    I choose “Continue with Demo”, but then after a few more test and play around, my Corona Simulator crashed with error message and won’t open my project again.

    The only way I can get it to run again is to delete my particle replacement inside Kwik and republish, but then it’ll get rid of all the setting I’ve done in Kaboom.

    Any idea what’s happening and how can I solve it?



    Hi Peakman,
    You have to have the Pro version installed. This is free.
    I trust that instead of “Continue with Demo” you go to “Upgrade” to have Pro. In summary you need Pro installed and you do not pay anything for that. You even have access to daily Corona builds if you wish.
    After that Kaboom will certainly give you nice surprises. Just explore it and share your knowledge.


    Oh, I don’t know that we can upgrade to Pro version for free.
    I will certainly upgrade and give it a try…

    Thanks again, Jorge!

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