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  • Gareth

    Will Kaboom work with the new public release of Corona (2014.2381)?


    According release notes from Corona Labs, their particle system is just available for Corona PRO users. Being the case, Kaboom will work just fine.


    Any developments as far as Corona Starter supporting Kaboom is concerned?


    Adding to Jorges question… does Kaboom now work with the current public release of Corona Starter? Or Corona Basic?


    -Can we use Kaboom with Corona Starter or Corona Basic?

    No. Kwik uses emitter object of corona sdk which requires pro or enterprise license from corona labs.


    -Do you continue to support Kaboom?


    -Is Particles Candy still a good solution to work together with Kwik

    I am learnig now. It seems good.


    -What is your advice for Corona Starters as far as PG is concerned.

    You mean Corona SDK’s starter license? it is good because free otherwise you need in app purchase and premium graphics. For particle systems, Kaboom depends on corona pro license offers graphics 2.0 and it give more control on particle animation if a programmer is involved to add external codes to kwik. Kaboom creates/modify graphical expressions about particles on photoshop and insert it to your app without programming


    Thanks for the very extensive explanations and guidance. I would love to work with Kaboom, but we do not have the resources for that right now. When we have to move to Corona Pro then we will give Kaboom our very first priority.
    In the meantime we need a particles generator to work with our current set up which is based on Corona SKD Starter license. One last question, then:
    Is Particles Candy working with Corona SDK Starter? Or does it also require Corona Pro?
    Many thanks.


    I have in the meantime confirmed that PC works with Corona Starter.

    I have downloaded it to give it a try, but am facing initial problems on how to put it working.
    It seems that I need Particle Candy Creation Code (pcCreation.lua) which I can find in GuitHub accondingly with your post above. My questions, please:
    -do I need to register in GuitHub?
    -is the code, including the one incorporated in the Particle_Helper.zip file free?

    I have tried to see the tutorial in Kwiksher which is mentioned in the X-pressive site, but that one is no longer there.

    Could you please be so kind and help starting in this new arena. Thanks in advance.


    Hi Jorge,
    I got particle Candy to work with Kwik using Corona Starter. I have no programming experience and found the original Kwik tutorial confusing. ( the one linked on the X-Pressive site, now not available)

    Thankfully Hector Sanchez in Appresario created a few easy to follow tutorials. (Hector is a member of this site) I could follow them and get particles to work perfectly for me. I played around with some of the pre exisiting Particle Candy examples and tailored them to fit my needs.

    I cant remember if I had to register for github.com, I don’t think I did.
    You will need to buy Particle Candy. You will need to use the ParticleCandy library lua file.

    How to Setup Particle Candy in a CoronaSDK Project made with the Kwik Photoshop Plugin

    How to add more “Particle Candy” emitters to a CoronaSDK Kwik Project

    How to display “Particle Candy” emitters below other items in a Kwik Project

    I hope this is helpful.



    Thanks Gareth. Your answer helps a lot. Just to make sure that I will follow the right path.

    -I install the PC library into Kwik (Add External Library)
    -I use the pcParticles.lua file from Hector (where did you get it from?GitHub? Presario.co no longer exists), which I bring into Kwik with the button Add External Code -this is not attached to any layer
    -if there is a sample from PC which may fit reasonably in what I want to do, I then copy the settings (e.g. particle settings) from the sample into pcParticles.lua. Or is there a different way of playing with it?

    Is this right? I mean the Particles Candy which we buy from X-pressive only works with Kwik by using the Hector´s pcParticles.lua file?

    I have also doubts on how to trigger the emission of the particles (e.g. at page start, with a button), but hope the Hector’s tutorials will help. He has used 3 buttons (e.g. start and pause), but I believe it as only for educational purposes. If in his example, the particles would start emitting when he touches the rocket (not the button), how would he would do that?

    I am sure you will understand me. I just need to create the very first particles to work, then it will go. Your help, which I very much appreciate, will certainly save me lots of headaches and time.


    FORGET all this stuff. Have you heard that Corona SDK is now FREE. Yes, including the previously called Basic and Pro schemes. Now there is only one Corona SDK (Starter+Basic+Pro).
    It means that we can now have Kaboom + other things.
    Is it right Nayoa?


    I just saw that this morning…. FANTASTIC news!!!! Does Kaboom require Corona cards? CoronaCards iOS will continue to be a paid product.

    • This reply was modified 4 years, 11 months ago by Gareth.

    There is a note that display.newEmitter() feature is restricted to CoronaCards.



    What does that mean?
    Nevertheless what I tread is as follows:

    “This feature is restricted to CoronaCards and the Corona SDK Pro and Corona Enterprise subscription tiers.”

    So, my understanding is that display.newEmitter() feature (whatever does it mean) is now allowed.

    Could, Nayoa please confirm if wwe have good reasons to be excited about the possibility of having Kaboom?


    I am now reading the great news from Corona Labs! Please wait a while.


    Hi Nayoa,

    Any news? I have already bought Particles Candy (just before the big news from Corona) and before I start learning it I would like to know if:
    -Kaboom (the new Starter, which seems to be now actually Pro) works with Kwik
    -if Kaboom has also samples for the different type of particles like PC has

    Please I would like to be sure of the functionality of Kaboom before I start investing time (and money). I have the need of a particles generator right now. Many thanks.


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