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I’ve been trying to get Kwik2 Canvas to work…

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    I've been trying to get Kwik2 Canvas to work.  I did up a sample page which I'd be happy to send along.I am unable to get the Corona simulator to show anything but black.  I have the latest version of Corona and Kwik2.  I have the latest flash on my browsers, I have Flash CS5, I have updated all the flash software I can find and I have gone to the Adobe Flash manager online page where I added in Photoshop, Kwik, Corona and every possible software to list of approved site links. I'm on Mac SnowLeopard.I read all the online forum discussions I could find... but I found no solution.But I still just get black.I have the coloring line on a transparent layer in photoshop, just above the background layer.Second question.  Once I do get colors to show in the simulator... does Kwik2 allow for a range of colors? Is it possible for one create a set of colors from new color sample layer canvas buttons?  I can't seem to find much detail about how a finished Canvas setup works.I know that many e-books like having coloring features.Thanks!


    this should be pretty simple, if you have Flash set properly. If you want, send me your project and I will take a look and report back what is wrong: support@kwiksher.com


    I finally got it to work… but only in one color choice.Is it possible to add a dozen different colors?  Also, as a note to other Kwik2 users who might be having the same problem, I only got the color to work on the simulator after adding in the picker.swf file.  Before that I had added in about 6 different files for photoshop, Kwik2.swf and it still didn't work.  It was only after adding in the picker.swf that it worked for me.Thanks!


    Don't know what you meant by “I only got the color to work on the simulator after adding in the picker.swf file”. All you should have done was to select the color in the Canvas window. For other colors, you need to create buttons and apply the Set Color (or Set Brush) option.


    Yes… I just now figured that out.  I see now how that works. THANKS!  It looks like an awesome program, now that I finally have it up and running.:0)


    Hi Alex, also having the same issue here – can't seem to get any colours working other than Black.I've uploaded the project into Dropbox for you - Kwik2-GOAlso is there anyway to only allow the user to paint within the outline of the image?thanksPete


    Pete, if you set Flash properly, you will be able to select the default color for your brush while setting up the canvas (otherwise it will be black). In order to paint only inside the outline, paint the outer side of the image with a background color (this way, only inside the outline will be painted).


    Great thanks Alex – all working good now and the tip of painting inside the outline is spot on! 🙂Now allows me to create further appsthanksPete

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