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iOS 11 changes – LaunchScreen and Icons

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  • Yamamoto

    You need to create LaunchScreen and app’s icons with XCode. Please read the following documents from Corona Labs.
    Use the sample xcodeproj and replace the images in the sample with your own images and then modifiy build.settings with a text editor.



    Please put LaunchScreen.storyboardc and Images.xcassets into build4 folder where you find the published files and build.settings.

    I will update Kwik to incorporate with the changes in a couple of weeks.


    Thanks for this Yamamoto! Now I know why I keep receiving errors when attempting to deliver my app.


    Please use 4.1.1 for iOS 11

    Kwik 4.1.1


    Thanks Yamamoto, I am using that version. I have followed the directions provided by Corona and I am still running into problems with missing icons. Every time I attempt to upload the app to Apple using Application Loader I receive the errors ‘ERROR ITMS-90023: “Missing required icon file…” for three icons sized 76×76, 167×167, and 152×152 … all of these sizes are in the ‘images.xcassets’ folder in the ‘build4’ folder. Have you seen this error? If so, can you suggest a process to fix it?

    Thank you,


    I can send a screenshot of the errors if that would be helpful.


    It would be the problem Contents.json is not in the asset folder. Here is the fix.

    FIX: iOS11 icons Images.xcassets contents.json was missing


    Everything is working now, thank you sir!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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