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  • Corrie

    Hi I have photoshop CS6 with kwik 3.5.6 and I can’t create any interactive button at all.


    Could you be more precise? What is actually happening? What did you do? Is it a new situation or have you always been unable to create interactive buttons (e.g. has this been a cause of K3.5.6)?


    I could make the buttons before, but I just updated kwik. After my holiday.
    And I started a new project, and if I want to make a button, to go to a certain page, I can select the page and transition, but if I click create, to close the dialog, nothing happens, except a twirling circle, so I have to cancel to get out, but then there is no button created.
    All the other interactions, like drag or spin, I can’t create either.
    But I can create them on the first page of my work but not on my second page.but on the third page it works.

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    It seems that there something not working well with your set up of the new version. I have no problem with it.
    I suggest that you re-download version 3.5.6 and re-install it and see if the problem persists.
    If yes, then send an email to support@kwiksher.com with a detailed explanation of the situation. It will help Nayoa to diagnose the problem.
    If you are not in a rush you may wait a while before sending that email and in the meantime some other mate may come with a solution.


    I guess there are illegal characters are inserted to .kwk xml file of kwik project from the trouble page you are facing now. Please check any symbols or non-ascii letters are in layer names.

    .kwik file is just xml file and you may open it with text editor.

    can you delete the second page from kwik panale and set it again?


    I checked for illegal characters, couldn’t see any, but like you, I had that idea also.
    So I copied the first layer, and changed the artwork to how I wanted it to look, and now it works.

    So somehow something funny happened while creating that layer.
    Thank you both for your answers. It works again.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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