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Image replacement from camera

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  • victortarinteclas

    Hello everyone,

    In this tutorial ( https://kwiksher.com/tutorials_kwik/image-replacement-from-camera-intermediate/ ) you can replace some image from the camera.

    I created a photo button with external code to adjust the image size and position:

    local onComplete = function(event)
    local photo = event.target
    photo.x = 745;
    photo.y = 380;
    photo.xScale = 0.07;
    photo.yScale = 0.07;
    if media.hasSource( media.Camera ) then
    media.show( media.Camera, onComplete )
    native.showAlert( “Corona”, “This device does not have a camera.”, { “OK” } )

    Is it posible to adjust different size for back and front camera?

    For example

    Front camera: photo.xScale = 1 photo.yScale = 1
    Back camera: photo.xScale = 0.5 photo.yScale = 0.5

    I will really appreciate your help!

    Many Thanks!


    it is possible to change size and to use front camera on iOS.
    the tutorial uses external codes, so you can change camera souce


    the tutorial is for Kwik2 and need to be updated for current Kwik3 and Kwik4. I will update but I can not promise now when it will be.


    Hello Yamamoto,

    Thank you very much for your help. Really appreciate it.

    With the external code from your tutorial I´m able to place the photo in the app, with the size I want. But I don´t know how to set or pop up only front-facing camera when press photo button.

    Sorry, just wanted to know if could be able to complete the code and if YES, do you know how?

    I am not working with codes so would really be grateful if you know.

    Many thanks in advance for your help.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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