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I suppose and ‘Undo’ feature would be impossible?

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    I know one of the greatest advantages of Photoshop is it's 'Undo' feature.  This feature has saved 1,000's of artists hours of work, by reversing mistakes they made.I often wish that Kwik2 had an Undo feature too.  The problem I have is that after I make a change to a file I then discover that Corona simulator won't run.  Sometimes when I remove the new change I made the problem is fixed.... but sometimes the problem does NOT get fixed.In developing a working method I've had to resort to frequent backups of the entire Kwik2 project folder instead.  So that way when a project gets totally beyond my ability to fix things I just reload the latest complete backup and rebuild from there.  I also try to run the simulator after every single change, in order to identify the problem mistakes I've made.  The new Kwik2 feature that prints out the errors is fabulous.  I've often fixed problems using that. It would be cool if any problems that kept the Corona simulator from working could be printed out that would be almost as good as an Undo feature.But I realize that an 'Undo' feature may just be just dreams, and no doubt the complexity is beyond my non-programmer understanding.


    The Undo feature is in my dreams, I would say, feature list too 🙂There's a few challenges in creating one for Kwik:1) we are dealing with code (specially now with the external code feature) and if the programmer (in this case you, sending Kwik commands) tries something that is not possible to execute, although Kwik can create the code, the execution (now in Corona Simulator) will generate an error. In this case, Kwik should be a super machine that could not only write but execute and track potential human errors - near impossible to write a feature like the one you have (I call it internally debug) in Kwik 2...2) i am planning/design the first steps on an "undo" feature, however this is not a simple thing because there are risks of losing previous entries that i couldn't figure out yet how to solve. remember how long the path animation feature took to appear? as of today, it is one of the most used feature with low level of bug reporting. In sum, what i am trying to say is, it may take a while but when it comes, it will come good.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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