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How to use custom file to for overlaying UI components on other pages

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  • Yamamoto

    these samples reuse the page1 UI components to other pages. commands/page01/*.lua, components/page01/*.lua and components/page01UI.lua are copied and pasted into custom/ folder.

    then use the trick of context switching.


    1)custom page01Contexts loads the page01UI from custom folder and maping for events are redirected to custom.commands.*
      local page01Context = require("custom.contexts.page01Context")
      self:mapMediator("views.page01Scene", "custom.mediators.page01Mediator")
      self:mapCommand("page01.action_act_hide_all", "custom.commands.page01.action_act_hide_all")
    2)in order to make overlay over other pages, page01UI:didShow(params) is added to pageXXXUI.lua of template file
      tmplt/components/pageXXXUI.lua for overlaying page01UI over other pages
      local page01UI = nil
      if UI.curPage ~= 1 then
        page01UI = require("custom.components.page01UI").new(scene)
        page01UI.curPage = {{page}}
        UI = setmetatable( UI, {__index=page01UI})
        UI.layer = setmetatable( UI.layer, {__index=page01UI.layer})
      if page01UI then page01UI:didShow(params) end
    3) custom/components/page01UI.lua
      - page01UI.lua  --  these last parameters are for custom, make it true
        self:_create("common",  const.page_common, true)
        self:_didShow("common",  const.page_common, true)
        self:_didHide("common",  const.page_common, true)
        self:_destroy("common",  const.page_common, true)
      - page01/page_common.lua
      disable preloads at line 50
           -- Preloads next scene. Must be off to use page curl
           -- if not _K.exportCurrent then
           -- _K.timerStash.timer_pl = timer.performWithDelay( 5000, function()
           --    composer.loadScene( "views.page02Scene")
           -- end)
           -- end
        for other files of page01 in custom
      - "page0". .UI.curPage to be "page01" in order to loading it from page2, page3 ..
      preloads disabled
      newImageRect is disabled for other pages
      _AC.Action:playAction("page"..UI.curPage..".action_act_hide_all", params)
      _AC.Action:playAction("page01.action_act_hide_all", params)
    4) how to make sure your custom files are loaded correctly?
       rename or delete original folders such as components/page01, commands/page01
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