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  • tradexcel12

    I've made my living helping indie authors publish eBooks and noticed that no one did very well or were even discovered if they only had one book sitting in the Kindle or Google Play store. Once they hit three titles, sales picked up dramatically across the board. Some research I've done has shown the app stores are similar. The more apps you have out there, the better you do, and of course cross promoting your own apps helps a lot. Now that I have my first app done, I'm thinking about holding it until I have another three or four done. I have the artwork and storyboards complete for 2 more, and the story in at least first draft and some artwork done for another three, so it wouldn't take long to put them together and polish them. I'd be adding 4-6 weeks tops to the process. I'm thinking it might help discovery and sales, and maybe provide the push needed to hit one of the top lists. What do you think? Good idea, bad idea? Any comments are greatly appreciated.


    Thanks for sharing your persecutive on this, Karen.  I have one book in the Apple store, and it has done very little. I'm excited to have found Kwik and have been learning a ton as I rebuild the same story for Android.  I think I'll also have others follow fairly quickly now that I know what I'm doing and Alex has Kwik in such good shape. Do you think it hurts eventual sales if one published project languishes in the store until you have others? Does it ever catch up or does it make a bigger splash if you can do one after the other in quick succession?I know I'm going to go ahead and get this one out there.  It's just been too long a process and I'm too impatient to see what happens.  then maybe I'll try to stack a couple.  🙂


    The stats I have analyzed from Xyo, AppAnnie, TopApp, etc. indicate that each subsequent app helps the sales of the previous ones. I clearly remember one app that was released in April of 2011 that did basically nothing, but after the release of two more apps by the same developer the first one hit the top 100 within a week or so! That wasn't typical of most of the apps I studied, but the vast majority of them did much better after there were a total of 3 apps, and seemed to peak at 5 released apps.I know that is also true with eBook sales. My suspicion is that there is so much garbage out there, that buyers are not as trusting of the 1 app wonders, believing them to be inferior to a software house that has several titles out there. I think this is especially true in the education and kids books categories. And if a title catches their eye, and meets their expectations, they come back for more.And I totally understand wanting to get that first one out there. That's the tough part - having it done and polished and sitting on it. LOLI'm also going to give away a preview of each app, a cliffhanger that leaves the main character in a situation that hopefully the kids will want to see resolved. Again drawing from Kindle and Google Play store experiences, the books by unknown authors did MUCH better when they allowed a free preview and I can't see any reason that approach wouldn't hold true for apps.If apps follow the same numbers as eBooks, you'd get one sale for about every 100 downloads of that preview.


    Thanks, Karen.  This is really good information.  I'm thinking about doing the sample the “sample” app, too.  Seems like that shouldn't hurt anything and might very well help.  Good luck to you!Anna


    Good luck to you too Anna.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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