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  • Noah

    Hi there!
    I followed the instructions carefully but didn’t succeed to install Kwik on my Mac…
    (I’m not a programmer, so I don’t understand anything what I’m doing here)

    But what I noticed is that there is not ONE way of writing the code… very confusing, not?

    On the Adobe site they write “– -install” (long line, space, short line)
    On the Kwiksher site you write “–-install” (long line, NOspace, short line) and somewhere else “-install” (just one short line)

    When I enter one of these lines at a time, nothing happens:

    /Users/NAME/Downloads/Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd — -install /Users/NAME/Downloads/Kwik.zxp
    /Users/NAME/Downloads/Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd –install /Users/NAME/Downloads/Kwik.zxp
    /Users/NAME/Downloads/Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd – -install /Users/NAME/Downloads/Kwik.zxp

    When I use “-install” (just one line) I got this error “Unknown option specified: install”

    Trying to get a list, I added one of these lines at a time, nothing happens either:

    /Users/NAME/Downloads/Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd — -list all
    /Users/NAME/Downloads/Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd –list all
    /Users/NAME/Downloads/Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd – -list all

    I checked the Adobe Photoshop CC2015 folder, nothing installed there…

    Any toughs/help here? Thx!

    Example of differents in code


    they are two hyphen minus (-), already on the keyboard

    ExManCmd --list all
    ExManCmd --install Kwik.zxp



    Thanks for the fast reply!

    I’m on a Dutch version of OSX
    So “Users” are “Gebruikers”. “Downloads” stays the same in Dutch.

    Strange things:

    When I enter this:
    /Gebruikers/Noah/Downloads/Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd –list all
    I get “No such file or directory”

    When I enter this:
    /Users/Noah/Downloads/Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd –list all
    I get
    0 extension installed for Others
    Status Extension Name Version
    ========= ======================================================= ==========

    When I enter:
    /Users/Noah/Downloads/Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd –install /Users/Noah/Downloads/Kwik.zxp
    I get “Failed to install, status = -411!”

    When I enter:
    /Gebruikers/Noah/Downloads/Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd –install /Gebruikers/Noah/Downloads/Kwik.zxp
    I get ” No such file or directory”

    Sorry for being lost here…


    Are you using Kwik.zxp in CC2014+ folder that are unarchived from Kwik.zip?

    >/Users/Noah/Downloads/Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd –install /Users/Noah/Downloads/Kwik.zxp
    > “Failed to install, status = -411!”



    Just unzipped again, double-checked and run the Terminal again…
    “Failed to install, status = -411!”

    Thx for helping out here.


    It is working my Mac.

    -411 is discussed in the adobe ‘s forum.

    First of all, the -411 error code means that the plug-in you want add to your application can not be found

    You must continue to Extension Manger even in 2015

    Did you install Extension Manager For CC?


    Extension cc is installed, the Kwik.zxp is exactly in the right place…
    I don’t have any other version of PShop on my machine.
    A bit lost here.
    Seems Adobe makes it extra complex. Another few years, and we all need to be somekind of professor or wizzkid to get things running. Surely not the way to go…


    >When I enter this:
    >/Users/Noah/Downloads/Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd –list all
    >I get
    >0 extension installed for Others

    You just got the message for Others?
    but I think it should return something for Photoshop CC 2015 like this. I had photoshop CC 2015 and Others.

    0 extensions installed for Photoshop CC 2015
     Status                        Extension Name                         Version
    =========  =======================================================  ==========
    0 extension installed for Others
     Status                        Extension Name                         Version
    =========  =======================================================  ==========

    Basically the installation of Kwik.zxp is nothing different to the following steps

    are you able to install an extension from https://creative.adobe.com/addons?


    Kwik 3.5.6 is just released and manifest.xml has modified to include PS CC2015 version number as well.
    It could fix the problem. Please download and try again.


    Hi there!
    I finally solved my issues…

    I had downloaded the Extension Manager from the Adobe site and installed it.
    I have a Creative Cloud subscription, so downloading it that way WAS WRONG!

    So I removed this installation and installed it again from within the Creative Cloud application itself.

    Now everything works like a charm!

    The Dutch issue “Users”/”Gebruikers” stays, you wil have to use “Users” in stead of “Gebruikers” in the Terminal.


    Great! Now you can enjoy Kwik.


    I don’t understand why it can’t install like every normal application. It looks like going back to the 70s


    Adobe stopped extension manger support for CC2015.

    It is possible to make own installer which performs internally commands line operation. Adobe Cloud supports to install extension easily but Kwik needs to change the license model to meet Adobe terms to use Adobe Cloud.

    Kwiksher does not have much resource to create own installer and changing the current license model would affect a lot on the site’s php and so on.

    Please use ExManCmd on command terminal.



    Alex told me that zxpinstaller is working good. I may incorporate it.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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