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  • mirta_boyce

    Hi, It has been a somewhat frustrating process getting up to speed but I have a few questions.1. Does the KWIK 2 Trial version contain the full functionality? I am not able to find ADD GROUPS and some other mentioned fucntionality.2. How does one add a sprite to a project? I get an error message but no instruction.Thanks,J.


    J. sorry to hear that. The trial version is the same as paid version. So, clearly you have an issue with your project. Can you please clarify the issues you are having? Also, if possible, send me your project to support@kwiksher.com and I will check that for you.Hopefully you will speed up the process without frustration 🙂Alex


    Thanks, Alex.I deleted my project from my computer because it kept reverting back to an old project.I also noticed that it had a Drag option from the same previous project that I could not get rid off. I tried to delete it but it would not go away.Can you, in the short term, tell me how I can import a sprite into a project?I am very excited about this!Thanks,J.


    better than my explanation here, check the documentation about sprite sheet replacement at the Learn Kwik 2 pages (www.kwiksher.com/learn-kwik2)basically you:- create a rectangle in a layer that will be used as a replacement for the sprite sheet;- go to toolset Layer and Replacements and (with the layer selected) click Sprite sheet replacement;- point to the external sprite sheet and fill out the info.the info depends on if you are using same size frames or importing from a texture packer project. that's why I asked you to send the project (i would quickly check and report back to you).


    Alex,I followed everything perfectly and it seems that the sprite I exported using the script either looks blurred or doesn't show up. By blurred I mean that it looks like one part of the sprite has been zoomed in on. I see that the only thing the script exports is a PNG file and it adds some pixels to the image.Do I have to match the image dimensions of the export or the original sprite that I created?Right now, the only things that shows up is the background.Trying to upload the project file but it doesn;t like the path.


    emailed project.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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