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  • lizochka_simova

    This is not code, but a tip for how to get a full screen image on Nook and Kindle Fire, perhaps others. I built my app using the Nook HD choice, but when it was built there were black bars on the sides, even though the dimensions correct. Alex did not know why and I could find nothing on any of the forums.  Finally a Nook tech person told me: this is expected with Corona Apps, there are black bar letterboxing due to the screen ration (3x2) versus (16x10)But I noticed that a scrolling image showed in the black bar area, as did objects that started off screen and moved on screen.  So after creating everything using the Kwik window of 1920 pixels wide, I added to each end of the background images so they are now 2048 pixels wide.  The screen shows as full.  The live area is the same as what shows in Kwik, so arrows in the corners are not quite in the corners, etc..Objects dragged into those end areas can get stuck unless a graspable portion of the object is in the "live" window.  On physics pages the part of the background that is outside of the "live" window boundaries does not show.  I solved this by creating  walls and a floor that define the visible area (including the non-live ends of the screen. I used this same technique to get a full screen image for iPhone 4 and iPod after building using "New iPad".  I made the images long enough for the iPhone 5, but it only displays the area of the 4.


    Great tip thanks!


    Thanks for that!


    Anna, thanks a lot for the findings! I will forward that to Corona Labs!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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