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  • jso

    Hey everyone,This morning a colleague and I were discussing the trend of free/IAP apps taking over the marketplace and lowest bidder wars on the app stores, so I thought it might be fun to get more opinions and other points of view. Whereas it used to mostly be paid apps and lite apps with ads, now the marketplace is starting to be mostly free apps that offer IAPs of some sort. What are you thoughts on this somewhat recent shift?Personally, I don't care for it. I'd much rather just pay the developer(s) upfront and have the app/book/game in full for a lifetime, but I'm probably becoming the minority. I was actually disappointed to see Plants vs. Zombies take up the free/IAP business model because now you have to pay for game cash, plants, board, level ups, etc. instead of just having a full game to play for a few bucks.Developers are only taking up this business model because it's making money and it's what's hot right now. The developers that don't want to implement IAPs are being forced into the lowest bidder war. You might spend a year making a quality book, but now since customers are used to getting to many apps for free, you're almost bullied into making your book app $.99-$1.99 just to see sales.If you're like me and only make your apps for fun and the side cash is a bonus (see blog post: http://gpanimationsblog.com), this isn't a huge deal, but anyone trying to make a living off of app development has to either adjust their business model or do some serious marketing.Thoughts? Opinions?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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