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    I am having an issue that rose it's ugly head after the 2.7.0 upgrade. When a conflict or issue has been found in the project we get the warning window that opens then after pressing ok the details regarding the problem is opened in notepad. Well, after pressing the ok button acknowledging that issues have been found, the details are no longer displayed. I have tried the most recent builds too with the same issue being present. When I downgrade to a 2.6.x version the problem is no longer present.I will go back to the previous versions until this is solved since I don't know where to look for the information needed to debug the app I am working on.ThanksWayne


    Just to guarantee I understood it correctly: you are using Photoshop CC with Kwik 2.6 and clicking OK you can open your text editor and read the projName.log file? With 2.7 the same procedure does not work (meaning the projName.log file does not open)?I just installed Kwik 2.6.x and I still cannot open the projName.log file from Photoshop CC.


    Maybe I am not understanding this, but it sounds like the same issue reported in “Project Error Reporting”.  I still have that problem and I am using CS5. Apparently a couple others are as well.


    Talking to Adobe on that. Somehow (according the guy working with me) he can open the log with his CC (and CS5). Now I am waiting him to say which trick he has used 🙂


    Sorry for the late reply, I am in Japan so time zones maybe a little out.  The problem is the error reporting from 2.70 onwards. I have just uninstalled the latest one and went back to 2.65b which works as expected. I am using photoshop CC with the latest updates. as stated the 2.6x sries never had issues just from the 2.7x series I have noticed this issue. It is frustrating without this error as you are not sure why a build would have built easily one time and after some additions to a project page or animation tweek the program no longer builds. I must say that if I knew where to look manually for the log I would just do that, but I looked into the project folders and nothing is there that I can find. But I must say Alex this is one of the best programs I have used as a non programer to get an app up and running quickly. Kudos to you and your team.


    This is a trick one and, as I mentioned, I am working with Adobe on that (not only Kwik users are having issues with that, as you can see here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5688186#5688186).Weirdly enough, I backward to 2.6.x as well and I am still not able to run the external log - which clearly indicated that there is more than just Kwik in the equation - by the way, are you on a PC or a Mac?In order to manually run the log (which is available in the same project folder, with the same projectName.log), simply double-click it and your external text editor will open it.


    Thank you for your excellent support Alex. I really admire your direct contact with your clients. Anyway, to answer your question, I am running Dell Precision T5400 Up to date BiosWindows 8 Pro with Media Center 64 bit OSCPU: Intel XEON E5420GPU: GeForce GTX 660 x1Memory: 8GBI have decided to go back to PhotoShop CS6 until this issue is solved. I am hoping that it gets sorts before the Big Version 3 or should I say KWIK comes out.Anyway I hope these details are useful and thank you for such a wonderful product.


    Adobe has provided instructions on how to fix that. All you have to do is to follow this video http://tv.adobe.com/watch/the-complete-picture-with-julieanne-kost/how-to-reset-photoshop-cs6s-preferences-file/ and reset all your preferences. Doing so, everything returns to normality. I did not tested on CS5 (I did it just on CC) but I believe it will work as well.Please let me know.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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