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[FIXED] Build 2.7.3 adding button widget?

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  • lizochka_simova

    I just downloaded the new build, added vector replacement layers on several pages (black curtains to cover the letterbox sides for items that go off screen).  When I published I got similar error messages on two pages, one of which had the vector layers added and one which did not. The Terminal report:2013-09-22 19:26:27.301 Corona Simulator[57960:707] ...nahines/Documents/Kwik/BeansNightK/build/page_11.lua:82: attempt to index global 'widget' (a nil value)2013-09-22 19:26:27.301 Corona Simulator[57960:707]

    The page lua for that button, including the line 82:79  local function onbutn_readOffEvent() 80          but_readOff() 81      end 82 butn_readOff = widget.newButton {           id = "butn_readOff",           defaultFile = imgDir.."p11_butn_readoff.png",           overFile = imgDir.."p11_butn_readoff.png",           width = 241, height = 231,           onRelease = onbutn_readOffEvent       }       butn_readOff.x = 1488; butn_readOff.y = 295       butn_readOff.oriX = 1488; butn_readOff.oriY = 295       butn_readOff.alpha = 1; butn_readOff.oldAlpha = 1       butn_readOff.name = "butn_readOff"       menuGroup:insert(butn_readOff); menuGroup.butn_readOff = butn_readOff The error on the other page was similar.  The buttons have themselves as overstate layers (none in other words) and I made no changes to them,I reinstalled Build 2.7.2 and the app published without errors. Let me know if you need to see the project.


    I get the same error. Going back to 2.7.2


    same here Anna described in details the problem so for now going back to 7.2 and will wait for fix


    For some reason my sync software did not synced the proper bits with the installer. I am uploading the right code right now. Sorry about that. Please let me know (after to install the new bits) everything is working fine.


    Yes, everything is working fine. Thanks!  🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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