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    I've been having problems trying to replace simple sound files.It often seems that when I try to put in a new sound file either the page won't turn from the previous page... or if the page does load, then the sound file will play twice in a row for some reason.Other things that seem odd are I notice it's hard sometimes to even select the file to doubleclick on the Kwik page menu... because file names on the list get sort of stuck together.I've included a screen shot to show how this looks.  It's often very hard to select one of the two items that are sticking together.  I'm on a Mac Pro, running OSX 10.6 and Photoshop CS56077416222_eb2f64c6c8.jpg


    This bug was fixed yesterday with release 1.5.6 (please install and let me know if it happens again).thanks,Alex


    Yes, that worked… but then I experienced some other unusual problems.At first the file manager list looked just right.  But then I added an additional sound file as the 'This is the page read me audio file'... and after adding it I discovered I could not see any files at all in the page components list!  It was totally blank.  I tried reloading the .kwk file and it was still blank.So I went into Time Machine and opened a previous version of the .kwk file.  This restored the page component list... but I see the list now previews as in the attached image. Long and stretched out.6079692485_899427140a_b.jpgI suspect part of testing is to find out how Kwik will work with a lot of file components and users like me doing things that might be considered 'wrong'.  (like adding too many audio files or adding them incorrectly).  Thanks for looking into this.   


    J, the issue is (for us was) not with the amount of component but with a renaming function we have internally. It sees it is adding spaces in some tools (we found the issues with Action names originally), which “destroys” your .kwk file. Can you please provide us the step-by-step on how to reproduce the error (I will re-check anywas the code)?Originally we got the error in this scenario:- add an action- preview the project- the names became weird and the component window got messed like yoursCan you also send us your .psd and .kwk files for checking?Alex


    Actually I see that this odd spacing was probably caused because I had failed to reload the initializing from Kwiksher.  Now that I tried quitting Photoshop, then loading it again and loading the Kwik initializing page from online, I see this odd giant spacing has vanished, and everything looks perfect.So... I'm sorry for my user error.  I guess you can't make Kwik foolproof without a few foolish users like me around.Thanks for you help.


    No sorries at all. As you could see, it wasn't your fault (we really had a bug on our code). Please keep sending your issues/questions. Chances are we are going to find things to improve and/or to learn.Hope to see your apps soon!Alex

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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