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    HI There,I love your amazing tools .. and really it help me a lots for building Corona apps.Here is my feedback and some features I hope you will include it in your next release.1) If I  have intro sound for a page like "Welcome to my book" not a background sound and I want to play it automatic when page view .. I don't want to click to button to play this sound.2) When user click many times to object sound loaded as many as clicked .. and app crash spicaly when you dealing with kids.3) Director 1.2 not clear all object when move to next page .. I try to use print() in unloadMe function to check if director call it but nothing .. that mean you need to take care of memory spicly when project incldue a lots of pages.4) Sometime I have the same background (sounds,images, etc) and  buttons for all pages .. why Kwik duplicate images with deferent names .. this will incress size of my app!!5) Do you plan to add physics with Kwik?6) I rename my layeres in PS with number like (1,2, etc.) .. and then when I try to run my published files with Corona it's gave me ERROR .. I found out then .. I need to gave a uniqe names .. you need to take care of variables names and other staff that not conflect with Lua and Corona functions .. I hope this point is clear.Best Regards,Bader


    Thanks a lot for the feedback, suggestions and tech support Bader!1) Don't know if I understood it correct but, couldn't you simply add the sound as background page? It will play automatically when page view;2) It is fixed in v1.1, which will go live in the next days;3) We are switching to 1.3, which seems to clean all objects;4) This is tricky. Originally we didn't create different files (for example, if a layer was called "Test" in pages 1 and 2, only a "Test" page was created) but during beta testing, several users complained they had layers with same names in different pages, and the export feature was "killing" their files. We couldn't find yet a way to solve this conflict. Any ideas?5) It is in the roadmap for future versions but not soon;6) Point is clear. Version 1.0.16 (the current) alerts about layer names. Adding this in the feature list;


    Thank you for your quick reply .. I will try to clarify my above questions again.1) If I want to read the story .. after page viewed .. wait few seconds and then start play audio .. this not a background audio and not looped only when page viewed. in your options I can't add audio and played after number of seconds  only related with button or animation .. I hope its clear now.2) when move to next page if the audio in prev. page not complete it still played .. so all objects (audio,animations, etc) should stop & cleaned when I press button for next page.3) When you will release your new version 1.1?    I am still using your demo version and I will order 1.1 after release.Best Regards,Bader


    1) Got it! Already included in the feature list;2) I am cleaning up the audio background before moving to another page (ex: audio.stop(1); audio.dispose(backgroundSound); backgroundSound = nil), but only when user "flick" pages with finger. I will work on the same method for Go To Page buttons;3) 1.1 was supposed to go live tonight. With the memory issues you found, it may be postponed for mid-week.again, thanks for your support!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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