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Feature request for Kwik 2: popup mini window with definition, picture, etc?

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  • belhankinswgvv

    Hi Alex,I think it would be great if we can for example attach a picture or maybe a definition of a difficult word in the shape of a popup window, so when the kid clicks on it, a popup window will show up. For example, the word 'dog', a kid will press this word and a small picture of a dog will show up and maybe with an audio of a dog barking. For multilingual people, this could be a great feature. For example, if I have a book in Spanish the kid can click on any single word to see the English equivalent. This really can be useful for kids who can speak their mother tongue, but sometimes do not understand because they live in the US and they understand English better. I hope this makes sense.This also takes me to another issue. Is there any chance to attach the dictionary functionality to books created in Kwik?Thanks Alex and I hope it is going all fine with Kwik 2.


    Considering each paragraph of your posting is a number…1) You can do it today. Create the "popup window" as an image and Hide it. Set the word "dog" as a button. When user clicks the dog, set an action to Show the "popup window". A really cool app called The Dream (coming soon to AppStore and to the blog) has exactly that;2) Same for number one;3) Unfortunately not. A dictionary has thousands of words (multiply that for several different languages) and just the idea of creating a SQLLite database for that would make me spend months to create. If you create a SQLLite database with the dictionary content I may consider to add it in K2. If not, I will not be able to do it myself.


    Thanks Alex! I did not know that we can do right it now. I have to give a try then and see. As for the dictionary, what do you need in the sqlite? Is just a simple SQLite database with one table that has 2 columns 'English and French" for example? Is that all?Thanks again!


    You will need to create a SQLLite database with at least 3 fields:- id: automatic identificator- english: word in english- french: word in french...add any other languages if you want

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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