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Extending Kwik

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    I just got this question via email, that I think should be here:If I am a Corona/Lua programmer, what kind of freedom do I have to add extra stuff on top of your existing Kwiksher framework? What are the restrictions? Can I include substantial enhancements?The answer is: you have several options to extend Kwik. They are:- Ability to add external libraries- Ability to add external code in every page- Ability to create/add external code in buttons and actions (functions), when pre-made interactions are not enough;Restrictions are:- you cannot change the backbone of a Kwik project (for example, currently Kwik uses Director for scene management, instead of Storybook API);- if you change the Lua code created by Kwik (instead of changing code using the features above), every time you publish your project again, your code will be replaced

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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