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Eraser function button problem

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  • aaaiii


    I’ve created a paint page for drawing/coloring in my app. But im having some difficulties getting the -eraser- button to function properly. If i paint something on the canvas and then choose the eraser button and tries to erase something on the canvas, it is not working. The eraser button is only acting as a pen/brush tool and “erasing” with the last used color. But if i go to the previous page and go back again to the painting page, the eraser is working.
    I have to go trough the procedure again if i choose another color after erasing.
    Do someone know what’s causing this to happen?


    Erase function in Kwik just erases all the things in the canvas. It does not work like a normal erase tool in Photoshop.

    action erase


    I fixed a broken link to download canvas.zip. It should be a lower letter not Canvas.zip


    Thanks for quick reply. 🙂

    My bad. I ment the -undo- button.
    (I made an eraser icon for the undo button)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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