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  • Yamamoto

    If a component is copied, an intermediate file is outputted to temp folder. For example, linear animation is copied, you can find this component xml file.


    click paste and paste dialog appears. you can import a component xml file if you prefer.
    If not choose a file, Kwik uses the data on memory that previously copied (as same as Kwik3)

    you may import a xml copied from another project.


    I am under the impression that this feature will allow components to be copied from one page to another. Is that correct? I am using the latest versions of Kwik (4.1.1) and Photoshop CC (19.1.6) on a new 2018 MacBook Pro, and cannot for the life of me copy a linear animation from one page to another … I have tried it 50 times and still cannot get it to work. Am I doing something wrong? I have followed all instructions.

    thank you!


    Did you open another page when pasting?
    then you can select a layer from the list.

    paste image

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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