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  • eyndrea

    Hello I'm planning to make an app for a client.The app have to show categories of products and the products...Do you kwow some app like this made width kwik?For example I like... in app storeBCN recetas de veranoRobb Report host guide 2011I think it's possible to make them width kwik. is it?


    Susa,There are some "commercial apps" made with Kwik. Some are 100% Kwik made (no code from the users), while others are partially made with Kwik and external coded. It will depend of your (and your customer) needs. Fact is, if you are familiar with Lua, you can use Kwik to speed up the entire project and just add the things Kwik cannot do automatically today. Few examples of apps made with Kwik:- Cozinha do Vale (recipe book): http://appshopper.com/books/cozinhadovale- Triple Crown (magazine): http://appshopper.com/sports/triple-crown- Fire Cupid (book+activities): http://appshopper.com/books/fire-cupid- Where's Paradise? (magazinhe): http://appshopper.com/travel/wheres-paradise-episode-1-nusa-lembonganRegarding the apps you mentioned (based on a few minutes experience only - i may have missed some features):- BCN: could be done with Kwik without any external code;- Robb Report: can be done with Kwik but will need external code to save/retrieve your lists


    Thanks AlexSomeones know more app to show produts made with kwik?I've install Triple Crown on new ipad and doesn't work. The first page is too big. and don't show the menu that they show on the image gallery.I think that the posibilities to make apps for companys with kwik can be a goog way showing products, the company... or making an atractive magazine....For that I'm surprised that there is no examples in the showcase page that there are not books for children. I'suposse that with kwik 2 the showcase will increase the variety a lot.


    Susa,Triple Crown only run on the iPad 1 and 2 (for the iPad 3 it needed to be updated but PBS never did it).The Showcase page is relatively new (we updated our website last May). Before that, all "showcases" were promoted via our blog. Spend a few minutes scrolling our blog and you will see several apps (mostly children's ebook) there, including Fire Cupid, Where's Paradise, and a few others. Even in the current showcase if will see several "non-children books" like the iWitness series, Guitar Jam, ...


    thanks AlexI go to see the blog and the new showcase.thanks a lot

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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