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    Just curious if anyone knows of any way to pinpoint the cause of Kwik files that fail to export completely.Often I'll add some new audio or action to a project and then discover that when I go to export, the progression of processed files stops and I never get the final message popping up that reads: 'Before you build your final app, please replace the default icon files with your own design'.Sometimes I finally just have to reload a previously saved version from Time Machine to restore the working Kwik file.If there was some way to figure out the problem by reading the code that'd be great.  I wonder if there are any clues in the code that show you what to look for to find out what's causing the hang up?  I'd assume this must be a matter of reading the code and figuring out the mistake from there.  But I'd guess that requires a decent knowledge of Corona code language?I tend to get this one a lot: Director Class -ERRORDirector ERROR: Failed to execute new (params) function on 'Page_1'.Thanks for any hints.


    Unfortunately Photoshop window model does not allow much interaction (for example, we cannot have a progress bar because the window cannot accept updates after it shows). This is the main reason I cannot track/show where the error stops. I am doing the best possible trying to anticipate potential problems (layer names, use of reserved words, etc) but sometimes something missing. In these cases, it is important you share your project so I can track, fix and update the debug module.Regarding the Director error, best way to understand what is happening is to read the user guide, section about handling errors. Whenever it happens, open the Corona Terminal (we call it console), and re-open the exported lua code. When the Director message pops, click OK and read in the console the line where the error occurred in your page_x.lua file. Sometimes the error is pretty clear (file missing, for example), other times it may require a dig in. In all cases, I am always available to take a look.Alex

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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