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  • tradexcel12

    Is there a Kwik or Kwik 2 list of ways to conserve space, memory and processor overhead? For example – if there are two images being used on two different pages and the only difference between them is a couple of layers, is it more efficient to bring the entire image in with all layers and just turn on and off the ones being used for that page? Should a jpg be used where possible with flattened layers instead of PSD's? What's the best audio file type for use with sound effects? background music? Does a list like this exist? If not could one be put together?


    For identical images, you should enable the “shared asset” option in the layer properties for each layer that's the same as another throughout your project. This will enable Kwik to export and use the same single exported image for all instances of it. Just copying it from one page to another without this option will result in multiple copies of the same image in your project.Jpgs and flattened images can be best options depending on the circumstances. Generally speaking, jpgs will save you memory, but are only good for square and rectangular images. Custom shaped images need alpha channels for transparency, so those have to be pngs. Flattening may or may not be the best choice depending on how you are using the "shared asset" option I mentioned above. That one is a case by case (page by page?) issue.Also, after you publish/export the app and before you run a build, take all the images in your image folder and run them through an image compression program (I'm using ImageOptim) then put the compressed versions back into your image folder. This will knock off some additional bytes.Also go through and delete any temporary art files that Kwik exported that aren't actually used. These can be earlier versions or placeholders that were replaced by other resources. These do not get erased from your app automatically so they contribute to the overall file size.


    Thanks a lot for the advice – especially removing unused files Kwik creates – wouldn't have thought of that!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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