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  • lizochka_simova

    I have been searching the user guide and tutorials, but have been unable to add auto play to my app.  I have actions on each page that happen automatically when the page opens. These take longer than the reading of the simple text, so have the page turn automatically after “read to me” doesn't work. I tried adding a button to my opening page (1) to select "auto play".  When I set it to "go to next page automatically" and "read to me", it goes to the next page (2) without reading the title (read to me file). It then reads the next page, but stops there, doesn't go on to page 3.If I set it to go to next page after X seconds, nothing happens. If I advance to page 2 using the page turn arrow, and then go back to page 1 it reads the title and then advances to page 2 and reads that page, then stops. I can think of a couple work arounds (either adding extra time at the end of the narrations or making a set of duplicate pages and add the "go to next page" at the end of the actions) but before I go there would like to know if there is a simpler way.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    I think this is a bug. I am working on a fix at this moment.


    I just tried changing my “read to me” button  to “go to next page automatically”, and “play read me file”. It behaves just as auto play, going immediately to the next page, and playing that page then stopping.  So my suggestion that we could add time to the narration files and use that instead of “auto play” won't work.Is this a bug or me? Currently my read to me button, which is on the title page, sets "read to me" for the whole app, and reads the title "read to me" file for the cover page (1). Going to next page is by page urn arrow only.  All pages then read automatically on page. It's the automatic page turn that isn't working. Ah, Alex I see that you have just posted this as a bug.  I'll stay tuned for further developments. Thanks!


    It seems to be a bug as (in my tests here, without any sync layer) the variable controlling the timers for page changing are not keeping the correct amount of seconds to switch pages. Send me an email and I will forward you an updated publishing module. With that, you test and, in the case of everything running well, I will make it publicly available. Thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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