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Audio not playing

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    Several reasons may happen when your audio files are not playing:- your original audio file name contains several spaces or "weird" characters like "%$#@;:" - Kwik has troubles importing and renaming them. Whenever is possible, clean up your audio file names first;- your audio files were not copied - it can happen in the case of renaming an audio or their folder outside Kwik. In this case, Kwik does not find them and consequently does not copy anything;- your audio files were copied but are EMPTY - before scream for support :), check the size of your audio file in the build folder. If its size is 0kb, it means Kwik had issues while copying (no alerts are made). - this happens more frequently than expected and I haven't found yet the reasons. Some scenarios are clear:

    • the audio file was opened by another application during the copy process;
    • the audio file was originally available in the build folder (so, during the copy, Kwik opens the file and tries to save it in the same position;

    - your audio file is a really short one and it is set a fade in of .5s (the default), meaning that the first .5 seconds of the audio the volume will be so low you will not be able to hear that;- your audio is in the same channel of another audio;- your original audio file is saved in the build folder - in this case it will be re-written on publishing, which causes a 0kb error;- you audio volume is set to 0 (zero);- some users have reported that WAV format usually not plays well on iOS (MP3 is a better option);If you find any more scenarios, please report.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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