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Anyone else get these?

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  • kwesuart

    1. Next button never works properly on any projects. 2. 'Wait request' static Sprite sheets, always jerk slightly out of position. If I disable 'pause at frame 1' and delete the linear animation, the jerkiness does not happen. But the feature is no longer interactive for the user - the interaction is crucial to the product. If it's caused by the X Y co-ordinates of the linear animation button not matching those of the Sprite, I do not now how to fix it. The middle centre of the sprite replacement layer does not resemble the X Y co-ordinates of the linear animation at all.  3. Typing linear animation X Y co-ordinates directly into the info boxes always causes Photoshop to crash. Using the X Y sliders is a pain; after the first adjustment they do not change the numbers.


    1) it sometimes happens when you change page positions. check in the pages not working the lines mentioning “curPage” to guarantee it matches the current number. If you change page positions (seems to be the case) and did not export them again, the “curPage” variable, which handles the page number, will not have the current number so, when the NEXT page tries to add 1 to the current page, it does not work;2) remember your sprite sheet is only a replacement of a layer image. if the layer image position/size does not match the size of the sprite sheet frame, it will move. For examples of how to handle this, check this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5HdI81o2I4 at 51:45 min;3) can't say very much here. in my machine the info boxes work. what do you mean by "after the first adjustment they do not change the numbers"?


    Thanks Alex – 3) I meant when the sliders are moved, they don't change the numbers in the boxes. They do for the first time, then it's erratic. Sometimes, when the + - are clicked it moves the slider to the correct position, sometimes not.


    I will re-check that and the NEXT code. the sliders are just a visual aid (they are not accurate as the + and – buttons). if you move them from right to left and keep doing that, it may lost the track of the position. using them, try to be “gentle”:)


    Hi Alex, I just downloaded and installed version 1.9.6 and now all of by page specific next buttons don't work. I cannot get any button to move to the next page using the page function. At first only one page had the problem so I read the forum and it looked like doing a full export my fix it, but after that, none of the page buttons work, they all just replay the current page. I checked the curPage variable and it seems fine. Any ideas?Thanks,Ben


    Sorry about that. I fixed already. just download again.


    Got it – I had to re-export everything but it worked fine after that; thanks for the rapid fix Alex!Ben

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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