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    Good end of the year to everyoneI have three audio files in one page and each one has the "Allow simultaneous repetition" on. But once I have published the page more than once, the feature doesn't work anymore.This might be my own fault as I have installed Corona SDK v2013.2100. I reverted to a previous one properly supported by kwik but the result of publishing certain pages were acting funny. I shouldn't have fixed what was not broken... I am now back with v2013.2100Can you share some Wisdom as this seems to be the proper season, or a fix will be cool if this is not of my own fault. Either way, thank you again for your time


    What do you mean by “the feature doesn't work anymore”? Do you see it in the Audio window? Also, what happens when you publish??


    When I first publish a page and try it with the Corona simulator, I am able to move an object and hear audio every time I drag and release the object. The audio will play every time I release the object. But on my following publishing of the same page after making addition on other objects, I now hear audio only once the audio file has been read from start to finish.


    Is the Audio still set to Allow Simultaneous repetition? Lastly, which Corona version are you using? Remember Kwik is not tested/supported for daily builds – and you know how Corona change things between builds  :'(


    Yes it is still set to Allow Simultaneous repetition. As I mentioned, it might be at my fault since I am using a version not supported by Kwik.I will uninstall corona and install the one supported by Kwik and see what happens 🙂


    Please keep me posted. If it works in the current public build but not in the future one, I will need to get prepared…


    I deleted and added the audio again, there was no change. Anyone reading this, do not be bothered by this because Kwik is awesome. I am loving it, small bugs are normal especially on something as big as kwik.


    Thanks for the words but, if there is a bug, lets find and fix it. I was wondering if you can zip and send me your /build folder (with instructions on how to access the page with the audio not playing as expected).


    I will do that. My build is a bit too large for me to upload because our bandwidth is very limited where I live, so I will give you only that page.


    Hello there. Did I ever send you the file? I now have access to good internet connection and could upload it


    I honestly don't remember. if the problem stills there, send me the project folder with instructions on how to reproduce the error.


    Thank you. I still have the issue but I modified by work and shortened the audio files.I'll later check if the problem is still there in Kwik 3

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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