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3.24c Problem

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    I just downloaded the new version of Corona and the new 3.24d and I have just two issues.

    1. The Compress Images button doesn’t seem to be working. This is the note in the terminal:
    Last login: Thu Aug 7 17:06:20 on ttys001
    christis-mbp:~ owner$ /Users/owner/Documents/Kwik/compress.command ; exit;
    /Users/owner/Documents/Kwik/compress.command: line 2: /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CC/Plug-ins/Panels/Kwik/Mac/pngquant: Argument list too long

    [Process completed]

    2. The Texture Memory is still not disposing of correctly when using the navigator (go to a specific page) but is working fine with the Go to Page next and Go to Page previous options.


    None of the 2 topics you mentioned were touched in this build.

    For item 1, as it says, it seems you have a long folder path (maybe you changed Default Project folder in the Settings?).

    for item 2, I’m still waiting from some guidance from CL.


    Thanks for the response Alex.
    For item 2 re: memory disposal. Okay. Sorry I jumped the gun on that one!

    For item 1: No. The default project folder is what it should be. Any other thoughts?


    Go to your /Documents/Kwik and open (use a text editor application) the compress.command file. Check its line 2 and see if you find any spaces in the project path name or anything different. As I said, I haven’t touched this module in the past updates so, if it worked before, it should be working now.


    Thanks Alex,
    I have not opened this file before so I can’t say if anything looks different but the project path name looks fine to me.

    /Applications/Adobe\ Photoshop\ CC/Plug-ins/Panels/Kwik/Mac/pngquant –ext .png -f –quality=60-95 /Users/owner/Documents/KWIK_3/CheekyChats_Uni/build/*.png


    I renamed all my folders to match the path you provided and everything worked fine here. The only thing I noticed in your path is the name of your computer (in the sample is owner). Is this your real user/computer name??


    Hi Alex,
    Thanks for your response. I don’t know what happened. I couldn’t figure out the compress.command issue. I closed out of photoshop a couple of times and then I had the same problem as posted by another member about not being able to open any of my projects in photoshop. I just decided to create a new project from the template of the old project and now all is running and compressing fine. I am just waiting to hear on the textual memory issue and my app is ready to go! Thanks so much for all of your help!


    Don’t hold your app because the navigation. ALL other Kwik apps have the same issue (it seems an issue with Corona way of disposing scenes) and nobody (developer or users) have complained about memory problems, mostly because it is not common to someone to navigate pages and pages via the navigational menu.


    I don’t know if this thread is still live. But I am having this exact issue. My last two apps I built crash on my devices when I am flipping through pages, one had a page turn button, the other does not but they both had the error in the Xcode terminal for a “low memory session log”, along with some other memory warnings and then they both crash.

    If this had been fixed in Kwik why is it still an issue? Or did one of the new updates screw with it?

    Also I am looking Dittophantassy’s code and it looks like mine. What should I change? And do I need to change it on every page? I am making a company’s orientation Binder which is just shy of 300 pages and would be a huge pain in the bum to fix code on every single page.

    Any help or tips?

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)

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