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    Greetings Yamamoto,

    I am in the process of rebuilding an app originally created with Kwik 3, and I just noticed what I think might be a bug … When I export the images for a page, Kwik 4 exports each layer at it’s original size as well as an ‘@2x’ image. This is great except that the @2x image is actually smaller than the original. Isn’t it supposed to be bigger?
    The app was originally 1024×768 landscape, and Kwik 4 is exporting to that size just fine. The ‘@2x’ images are 959×719 (which is 93.7% of the original) … I don’t even know what this size relates to as it’s not a size associated to any iOS device.
    Can you help me understand what’s happening here?

    Thank you.



    > The ‘@2x’ images are 959×719
    >The ‘@2x’ images are 959×719

    What device setting of your project?

    OS wants @2x, Kwik3 returns @2x of half-sized images. If @4x is not found, it just returns default @1x == 2048×1536). So Kwik3 projects(New Universal) publish @2x as 0.5

    Kwik3 configuration for @2x is like this

    //Creates @2 for Universal, iPad Air, New Universal and iPhone
    if (pdevice=="Universal" || pdevice=="New Universal" || pdevice=="iPad Air" || pdevice=="iPhone" || pdevice=="iPhone 5" || pdevice=="iPhone 6 Plus"|| pdevice=="iPhone 6") {
        if (pdevice=="New Universal" || pdevice=="iPad Air") {
            return {'resolution':326, 'width':RIGHT/2, 'height':BOTTOM/2}
        } else if (pdevice=="iPhone 6 Plus" || pdevice=="iPhone 6") {
            return {'resolution':326, 'width':RIGHT*.695, 'height':BOTTOM*.695}
        } else {
            return {'resolution':326, 'width':RIGHT*.937, 'height':BOTTOM*.937}
    if (pdevice=="Kindle Fire HDX") {
        return {'resolution':254, 'width':RIGHT*.75, 'height':BOTTOM*.75}
    if (pdevice=="Kindle Fire HD") {
        return {'resolution':169, 'width':RIGHT*.53333, 'height':BOTTOM*.53333}
    if (pdevice=="Nook HD") {
        return {'resolution':169, 'width':RIGHT*.7111, 'height':BOTTOM*.7111}
    if (pdevice=="Nook HD+") {
        return {'resolution':169, 'width':RIGHT*.533, 'height':BOTTOM*.533}
    if (pdevice=="AmazonFireTV 1080" || pdevice=="Galaxy S5") {
        return {'resolution':169, 'width':RIGHT*.666667, 'height':BOTTOM*.666667}
    if (pdevice=="Ultimate Config") {
        return {'resolution':264, 'width':RIGHT*.5, 'height':BOTTOM*.5}

    There are differences between New Universal(Kwik3) and Ultimate Config(Kwik4)


    The defalut size of a psd file
    – iPad 1024×768 (@2x) is half of 2048×1536, Retina iPad is 2048×1536
    – Kwik3 New Universal 2048*1536, 1024×768 system
    – Kwik4 Ultimate config(default) 1920*1280, 480×320 system,

    Kwik4′ ultimate config follows a common procedure. @2x doubles the image size of @1x, ..
    If you use a psd file of Kwik3 on Kwik4’s ultimate config(1920×1280), you need to adjust the psd size to 1920×1280


    Sorry Yamamoto, I should have been more clear. I am rebuilding my original app as a new Kwik 4 project, not trying to convert from 3 to 4.

    I created a new project using ‘Universal’ as the device type since it corresponds to the original projects 1024 x 768 resolution. My workflow has me adding pages, copying layers and paths from the original psd files, and copy/pasting behaviors in BBEdit from original .kwk file to new. So far this is working as intended and allowing me to simulate in Corona with no errors.

    I notice in the code sample above Universal is not listed for returning a resolution. I’m not an engineer so I might be reading it wrong.

    Since the original project was created at 1024 x 768, and it’s an Alphabet learning book with a HUGE number of animation behaviors which depend on pixel perfect coordinates, I really just want to rebuild at that resolution with the latest tools to get it back up on the App Store as quickly as possible.

    Any suggestions to help me achieve this goal are greatly appreciated.



    At the line 10, you see the factor for universal.

    } else {
    return {‘resolution’:326, ‘width’:RIGHT*.937, ‘height’:BOTTOM*.937}

    So it is an expected result that you had the ‘@2x’ images as 959×719. About the resolution, Universal project does not produce 2048×1536 because the original size is 1024×768. So there came New Universal in Kwik3, the canvas size is 2048×1536

    Converting Universal to New Universal, you need to make the canvas size double of each psd but the coordinates of animations of kwik set with the original project remains the same. This would be trouble. You may have to set animations again.

    For iOS 11 updated, you need kwik 4.1.1 (latest is 2018_0926) and then use the new way of creating the icons and the launch screen.

    Kwik 4.1.1

    If any other issues, let me know.


    I see that resolution now, I was looking for ‘959’.

    “Converting Universal to New Universal, you need to make the canvas size double of each psd but the coordinates of animations of kwik set with the original project remains the same. This would be trouble. You may have to set animations again.”

    I was hoping to avoid this, but it looks like there’s no way around it.

    Thanks again Yamamoto!

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