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4 ways navigation is not supported yet

Setting and Setup page

it is better for setting page to show the list of connected controller and the setup page to show the key assignment of controller. The key assignment can be editable. Sample lua files for table UI are available

Icons and Device build

android(FireTV) - assets/tvAsset/Default-Landscape-assets/Default-Landscape.png - assets/tvAsset/tvosLaunch-assets/Banner-xhdpi.png

tvos(appleTV) - assets/tvAsset/tvosLaunch-assets/Icon-tvOS-Launch.png - assets/tvAsset/tvosLaunch-assets/Icon-tvOS-TopShelf.png

Windows * assets/DeskTopIcon/Icon-win32.ico

OSX * assets/DeskTopIcon/Icon-osx.icns

these .ico and .icns files are created with the following commands in Termnal app. Plese make icon_xx.png files and install image magic to Window PC

rm -r icon.iconset
cp -r desktop_icon-assets icon.iconset
cd icon.iconset
rm icon_48x48.png
cp icon_32x32.png icon_16x16@2x.png
mv icon_64x64.png icon_32x32@2x.png
cp icon_256x256.png icon_128x128@2x.png
cp icon_512x512.png icon_256x256@2x.png
mv icon_1024x1024.png icon_512x512@2x.png
cd ..
iconutil --convert icns --output Icon-osx.icns icon.iconset
set MYDIR=desktop_icon-assets
set ICON_FILE=Icon-win32.ico
magick ./%MYDIR%/icon_16x16.png ./%MYDIR%/icon_32x32.png ./%MYDIR%/icon_48x48.png %ICON_FILE%

Image Magick

Parallax Previewer App

Solar2D does not need .lsr file to buld TVOS app. it needs those Logo.png

PSD files - Image assets from layers

Install app

you need a real device to test app. Solar2D does not support XCode simulator for apple TV yet.




you can use native.newVideo() for appTV, fireTV and OSX but not Windows. Windows can not play video. Possibly open another app like browser by URL scheme.

fireTV supports the features as same as android features of Solar2D

video with webview

video with native.newVideo()